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Q Will this massage therapy assist with the constant pain of CF/ fibromyalgia? if not what will? I'm over taking over the counter stuff and drugs from the Dr that don't work.

A Hi there. I have had Fibro clients in the past who found 'deep tissue' massage therapy too painful especially if their body was feeling sensitive and lacking energy. An ideal situation would be to find a massage therapist with plenty of experience who can achieve body release without having to dig deeply in order to achieve it. Acupressure and massage work really well together and tends to release and relieve on many levels at the same time, so find someone who does something similar. I am in Tauranga, so if you are here come and see me at Right for Life Massage & Energy. All my best wishes for you to find the perfect key for you!
Answered by: Right For Life Massage & Energy Centre; Answered on: 23-04-2013;      ✘ Report abuse
A And I agree with vitalessenz that EFT is definitely helpful.
Answered by: Your Essential Wellbeing; Answered on: 23-04-2013;      ✘ Report abuse
A Oh, and regarding the pills you're popping, there are some recommendations for reducing the symptoms - magnesium in biological form; krill oil for omega 3s; a broad spectrum multi-vitamin and mineral supplement; turmeric for inflammation; an adrenal support supplement.
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A hi,
yes, massage therapy will certainly help with the physical discomfort if you would have them regularly with a qualified massage therapist.
If you are interested in finding out about the origin or what the core problems are beyond the physical symptoms and possibly heal yourself from it - its is possible. Have you heard about EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques? There is a DVD documentation on EFT called 'Try It On Everything' and it show cases different peoples problems and it shows how (some)they freed themselfs of their illnesses. good luck
let me know if I can assist in any way. Go to I am available on skype.
Answered by: Vital Essenz; Answered on: 23-04-2013;      ✘ Report abuse
A Hi there. Deep tissue massage therapy can help with FMS-type pain. It would form a part of the program to get you back to good health. FMS is described as CF plus factor P (Pain). The primary cause is digestive dysfunction and stress so it is essential to address those issues. I recommend a consultation to work out how to get these issues sorted. There are several ways to sort this: my personal recommendation is metabolic typing and eating for your metabolic type (Blood type is only a small part of this); and learning how to relax in the moment and retrain your thoughts.
Email me on if you'd like to follow up.
I recommend booking in for a massage as soon as possible at a clinic near you.
Answered by: Your Essential Wellbeing; Answered on: 23-04-2013;      ✘ Report abuse
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