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Q Hi I have recently had my bloods done and found that I have low testosterone levels and have adrenal fatigue what would you recommend.

A Hello, Firstly are you a male or female. Testosterone is anabolic ( for muscle growth and bone development) and adrogenic (for sex organ health) and can differ in both sexes but still cause health issues none the less. Obesity can make low testosterone levels worse, so healthy weight is important. Testosterone and adrenals work together, as testosterone is they work together to reduce the adrenals from overworking. The glandular system should be addressed together to enhance recovery. I would work closely with a practitioner who monitors your levels while supporting your system to help repair and restore your health. Lifestyle modification, Nutritional advice,correcting deficiencies with supplements ( minerals,glandular herbs and multivitamins therapy) and correcting the cortisol and testosterone levels plus lots of Rest and relaxation and adequate fluids. All the best. Donna
Answered by: Donna's Wellness Centre;
Answered on: 15-06-2013;
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