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Q hi its been nearly 3 years now and have finally seen a specialist. i have had chronic twithching of the upper and bottom eyelid. this has now been diagnosed as blethospasm.I currantly take tegretol to help with specialist wants me to have botox in the next two weeks. this worries me as im not sure what to expect of the outcome. it also appears my eye twitching gets 100 percent worse when i get my periods.I have been checked for menopause but seems to be all fine.I am 47 years of age.

A Hello, you are possibly pre-menopausal, and that is why your hormones are aggravating the situation. If you have not found anyone else to consult with I believe I can assist you with Homeopathic treatment. You need to discuss the botox treatment, or any other proposed treatment, in detail with your specialist before you decide to go ahead with it. You need to have a full understanding of it, and be happy with having it. If you are interested in discussing homeopathic treatment please don't hesitate to get in touch with me for a free 15min consult on 09 4279 279, 021 298 3914 or email Regards, Mary
Answered by: Mary Tonner Consulting;
Answered on: 15-12-2013;
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