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Q Hi there. Im not sure where best to start for some help so ill be sending this message to a few different therapies.I was diagnosed with Ceoliac disease about 6 years ago, during my last pregnancy I went back to eating gluten and up until recently have had no issues or pains from it. I have recently been watching my gluten intake and eating healthier as ive been feeling very low, and had very bad menstral cycle. I feel that I need some guidance in what my body is lacking as it seams however well I eat I either have constipation or watery bowel motions. After having no menstral cycle for 5 months (previously normal) then a constant period for 2 months my doctor put me on a hormone pill to stop the periods and I was told when the pills ended I would have a regular cycle, but have had nothing in over a month, ive been thinking this may all be linked. Thanks for your help.

A Obviously, there are some disorders in digestive system. yes, all the symptoms are related.Celiac disease,irregular bowl movement,are all happened in digestive tract. When there is a disorder in digestive system, the body can't absorb enough nutrients, so the energy ( Qi)is weak, the blood volume is low.When the energy is weak, and it can't consolidate menstruation bleeding, on the other hand once the menstruation bleeding stopped, it not come back because the low level of blood level. Recommend Chjinese herbs. But a comprehensive Chinese medicine assessment is needed before any particular formula suggested.You may also doing some internet research yourself for this concern.
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