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Q How can a colonic help me if I have been told that I have a Neogenic bladder ? as well as the bowel staring to show signs.

A It really depends on what the underlying cause of the problem is. Have you had injury which is impacting the function? or is there nerve damage caused by any other reason? Colonic hydrotherapy with our system is similar to taking the colon to the gym and retraining the muscles to work effectively. Whether this will work to strengthen when there is a nerve problem, I can't be sure. You would know after acouple of sessions whether you can see an improvement or not, but there is also a risk that you have less control for acouple of hours after each session until the bowels settle down. Your bladder will also have this extra stimulation as a certain amount of the water infused into the colon will filter through to the rest of the body and hydrate you from head to toe and this additional water will also obviously flush through the bladder. This is not a problem while you are on the system, but once again may result in extra leakage for a short time afterwards. You may also benefit from sourcing the Neo Chair which some gynecologists use. This is a chair you simply sit in for measured periods of time and it sends vibration through your pelvis stimulating the muscle strength. Good luck.
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Answered on: 25-02-2014;
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