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Q So I have an anger issue that seems to be caused from my past! It pops up every couple of months and I get really upset and say things I don't mean etc. I don't know how to deal with my past and its beginning to ruin my future :(

Often we find that issues like this are caused by negative energies that have attached to your energy fields or a curse.
If this is the cause then it may be harder for to fix it through conventional measures. If you feel the anger is out of context with who you believe you truly are, then this is very likely.
We are happy to do a free phone assessment for you. Ask for Jacqui at 04 5268225.
If this was the cause, we would clear it for you in 1 to 3 healing sessions. In these sessions you would be asked to lie down on a massage table for the majority of the 1.5hr session. (you can sleep if you wish.) We will work within your comfort levels. Most people who come for their first healing with us are surprised at how 'normal' a healing session is.
After your energy is clear, we can help you to work through the real causes of the anger and clear the past to receive the present.
Good Luck
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Answered on: 23-10-2014;
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A Hi
According to Human Needs Psychology we have 6 human needs, the first 4 are the needs of the personality, those being Certainty, Variety, Significance and Love/Connection we will meet these needs anyway we can be that in a positive or a negative way, the last two are the need of the spirit - Growth and Contribution.
It could be that you value Significance and certainty as your top two needs, by being upset and angry you get significance and certainty, also you get variety and connection, you are probably meeting all your needs to a high level on the negative side of the scale, therefore to change is difficult, It is about changing the order of your needs and finding out the rules you put behind values so that they are met. If you can put Love/connection before significance you will want to connect before needing to feel significant.
If you would like to discuss this further you can contact me at All the best
Answered by: House of Oils;
Answered on: 23-06-2014;
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A Hi. It's okay to be angry, however it can sometimes be overwhelming and can present itself in surprising and unsafe ways. Getting an understanding (for yourself) of anger and learning ways to acknowledge and manage anger can be a start on a journey to a better way of life. Take care, check out my profile on this wesbite, and contact me if you would like to meet.
Kind Regards, Hayden Oswin
Answered by: Hayden Oswin - Counsellor & Celebrant;
Answered on: 22-06-2014;
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A Hi there,
Anger and its related consequences is one of the problems that I help clients work through regularly using a variety of techniques, including CBT and narrative therapy. Check the website for more info
The best thing to do would be to make contact with me so that we can tee up a free half hour chat to establish how I can help you. This is an informal and obligation free meeting and allows you to ask questions, and I can explain in more detail how I can help to address your issues.
Cheers and I hope to hear from you soon.
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Answered on: 19-06-2014;
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A First of all I would like to acknowledge your awareness of the anger being around and a pattern you have noticed. Awareness is always a first step. There are many things that you could do, one aspect of Narrative Therapy - Counselling is to separate out the 'anger' from a person. 'The' anger and then explore how it is affecting you, work, home, friends etc and how this feels for you. Also noticing what 'the anger' has you believe about yourself, is telling you. Usually not very nice things. Asking yourself if this is ok or not. After this think back to when you stood up to the anger, when it did not take over. How come? Anger can stand for so many things. Wherever you are I would encourage you to try on contact a Narrative Therapy Counsellor, who may be able to support you. This does not mean you need fixing or it be for a long time. The most important thing is to have compassion for yourself and I would once again like to acknowledge your reaching out because I hear you want to feel differently. Wishing you all the very best. Take care.
Answered by: Liz Gow LIfe Coach;
Answered on: 19-06-2014;
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