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Q Would an iridologist be able to help me with this - have suffered since 2008 - been on and off Losec - now trying herbal remedies and strict diet

A It may be a good move to see a Naturopath as they often use iridology as a tool, but also include nutritional, herbal, supplemental and lifestyle recommendations for a holistic treatment. It would be wise to (as Carolyn mentioned) look for the cause as opposed to treating just the symptoms.
An Iridologist will be able to see organs that need support, and may possibly refer you to a Naturopath or suggest dietary support.
Answered by: Lotus Holistic Centre;
Answered on: 06-08-2014;
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A As you have found Losec is not fixing the cause of your problem. An Iridology reading can tell you if you need more digestive enzymes or less as both problems can feel the same to some. If we have stress and as we age our digestive enzyme production tends to slow down and we need to stimulate the stomach to make more Hydrochloric acid or Hcl. Iridology is definitely a great tool for seeing what is happening in the body.
Answered by: Carolyn Mettrick - North Shore Nutrition;
Answered on: 01-08-2014;
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