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Q Apart from getting public health system help in getting Psychiatrist treatment, would you please let me know if there is any alternative treatment?

A Evening

there are some very effective ways of working with Bi-polar successfully and this is one of the specialities I work with in my private practice.
Medication is not always needed to manage the mood swings but this would depend on the severity and risk factors,while medication can be helpful its not always necessary.There are very effective natural alternatives aswell.
Bi polar responds really well to a personalised mix which helps you gain greater balance or management of your moods, helps you work with balanced thinking and supports you to repair personal relationships.Its not a quick fix but it is one that can give you back your life and help you create long term wellness that isn't just about clinical analysis and drugs.
Therer are some fantastic sites which are full of supportive and useful information such as
or the Stephen Fry documentary The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive which is free on you-tube.
Otherwise feel free to contact me or visit my website and take advantage of my free 30 minute consultation.
Kind regards
Answered by: Caroline Williams Therapy & Counselling;
Answered on: 08-09-2014;
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