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Q I have anorexia and I have managed to get from 40 kg to 46 kg with help from the doctors, phycologist and dietician. However I feel i am too heavy and obviously look fat. I have started relapsing and am back to 45. . I have been told to get on the healthy BMI i need to get to 49. I feel stuck. I don't want to put on weight. But i don't want to fail. My eating disorder has damaged my relationships and I want to be healthy. HOw do i stop feeling fat???

A Anorexia is a complex and often destructive illness with the constant battle between feelings, actions and the overwhelming thoughts and self criticism.
Ive worked with eating disorder's for over 16 years and through a holistic approach support women in regaining their lives again, changing destructive thinking and help heal the emotional pain.
Please take a look through my website for more information but I strongly advise seeking ongoing therapy with an experienced holistic therapist such as myself alongside a naturopath so you can be and feel healthy again.
Kind regards
Answered by: Caroline Williams Therapy & Counselling;
Answered on: 08-09-2014;
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