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Q I have Fibromyalgia,and also Myofascial Pain Syndrome.Do you recommend the above therapy for this please? I also get frequent bouts of sciatica.

A Absolutely, I would highly recommend MFR to help manage these conditions - with Fibromyalgia, particularly when you are in your inflammatory cycle often massage even at relaxation level can be too uncomfortable as your feedback mechanism and pain receptors are heightened - in this scenario MFR can be of benefit as it can be controlled and closely monitored with you from a feedback perspective.

MPS - MFR will aid in unwinding compensatory and anatomy train myofascial plains where the fascia is twisted and contorted to adapt to your condition and postural imbalances developed as a result of your pain.

Sciatica - MFR can help release these aforementioned imbalances in postural symmetry that may be a contributing factor leading to your sciatica - this is of course if your sciatica is true sciatica as there are referral symptoms created by Myofscial Trigger Points that can mimic sciatic pain and not be the nerve itself • in addition to this the sciatic nerve may also be tethered by a muscle deep in the gluteal region that can be released by MFR to relieve symptoms and then MFR to balance the posture to reduce the incidence of this muscle being involved in reproducing your symptoms.
Answered by: Lifestyles Massage Therapists, West Auckland;
Answered on: 25-07-2012;
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A HI there
sorry to hear of your difficulties.
I have had good success working with Fibromyalgia, using a mix of body therapy and NLP to work with both the mental/emotional and physical aspects of the issue.

Once the old injuries, and physical and emotional patterns (such as anxieties and stress, or even phobias) are cleaned up, a lot of pressure is reduced and you can start living more comfortably.

Other issues such as diet and toxicity may be pertinent for you to consider as well, but are not my specialty.

good luck, please call if you want to discuss further

Answered by: Release Body Therapy and NLP Coaching;
Answered on: 25-07-2012;
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