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Q I have a 22 month old daughter, who had bad reflux and while I had her formula, she has self weaned, but refuses to drink milk, eat cheese. her language was going well but now she has selfweaned, it has reverted back to not much. Shes also very grumpy and loses her temper alot, Im not sure as we are heading into terrible twos if thats an issue. Would allergy testing and intolarnce testing be a good idea

A If you would like to ring me, I have a look at her and may have some solutions. I know two other practitioners who may be able to help if I feel we wouldn't be any help.
I am happy to look at her from a photo or on skype, free of charge. This way we can make a plan to support you with minimal stress. ..... I suspect you have enough stress to deal with lol.
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Answered on: 23-10-2014;
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