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Q Hi i need help in finding a councellor for my 18 year old daughter, she has suffered from an eating disorder now for 2 years, she has tried CAMHS and CREDS, unfortunately with CREDS she decided to try living in Aust and at the time she was on their waiting list, they rang while she was in Aust and because of this they took her out of their system. Australia did not work out due to this disorder so she is now living back at home with me. A councellor in wellington is what she needs.

A Hi I really feel for you as this is such a complex and horrible disorder to experience not only for your daughter but often for families. I only know 2 counsellors who are experienced in eating disorders and are based in Auckland. However they may know of counsellors in Wellington I am not sure. If you Google their names and Auckland they will appear. Their names are Victoria Marsden and Kay Ingamells. Good luck and wishing you all the very best. Take care, Liz x
Answered by: Liz Gow LIfe Coach;
Answered on: 16-12-2014;
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