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Q What are some of the homeopathy remedies to get rid of boils?

A Hullo.
Homeopathy always has a very individualised approach to prescription. Therefore this remedy or that remedy are some of the remedies to use to get rid of boils would violate the exact principles to which homeopathy adheres to. After a thorough consultation with your homeopath the appropriate remedy will be given. There are many factors to take into account. Has this been going on for a long while hence a more chronic condition or is this the first time this has happened. There are both acute prescriptions and constitutional prescriptions. The former treats the acute nature of the symptoms expressed whereas the latter a deeper approach to address the causative agent as well as your immunity/vitality so as to facilitate healing from the deepest level.It is also important to realise that what might be the best remedy today should there be a reoccurrence of boils the same remedy might not be indicated.
Please don't hesitate to use homeopathy as this is a very effective protocol in treating boils. Best wishes
Leila Joffe RCH
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Answered on: 26-07-2012;
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