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Q I am researching alternative treatments for my mother-in-law. She is 82 and has a problem with her lymphatic system. At times she leaks a considerable flow of lymphatic fluid,through the side of her vagina. She has seen specialists who have advised that they could operate but it would be 50/50 and given her age not advisable. Leaking fluid makes her feel very tired and weak and restricts her from going out. She also has swelling in her feet from time to time. As far as I understand the fluid builds in her system and then finds its way through this exit point. I'm wondering if lymphatic drainage massage would be okay for her or would it precipitate more of this leaking? Look forward to hearing back.

A Hi There, Lymphatic drainage certainly would be worth considering. The swollen feet and leaking fluid are indicators that the lymphatic system needs some attention and given that surgery isn't an option may provide some relief. If the whole system is treated it is unlikely that it would precipitate more "leakage" as treatment focuses on enhancing the overall function of the system which would promote elimination via the appropriate channels (breath, bowels and kidneys. Hope this is of some help
Answered by: Pip Charlton Soft Tissue Therapist; Answered on: 13-04-2015;      ✘ Report abuse
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