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Q I am in desperate need of some help before I destroy my own life, please! I feel like I am going crazy... I am struggling big time. I'm pretty sure I have some kind of hormone imbalance.. I have a history with period issues. I'm currently 23. My mother had breast cancer in her early 20's, so the doctors put me on Cerazette to help control my periods and the pain I used to get. This worked a treat. I have been off this a year now, the whole time having unprotected sex and not falling pregnant. I eat well, live in the country and exercise regularly. I go to bed at 9 - 9.30pm each night. Some of my symptoms include: Headaches, Irritability, Extreme Tiredness, Muscle Soreness, Aching and Cramping, Anger, Aggression, Nausea, Abdominal Pain (just inside hip bones), Lower Back Pain, More Nausea, Aching Neck, Frustration, Snapping At Nothing, The list goes on... My partner says it's like I'm two different people at times, and to be honest it's only getting worse. My GP has done Hormone Tests (Blood) and said they are "All Within Normal Range". Which is all I ever get. I'm so tired, sore and frustrated and feel like I'm going to push everyone close to me away as apparently there is "Nothing Wrong With Me". Any Help / Advice etc more than welcome!! I would love it if someone from the Wairarapa or Wellington area could help me. I can't find anyone who would do a Saliva test for me or even give me an idea of what is going on. :(

A My name is Jenny and I am the acupuncturist working at Pure Healthcare clinic, your email was referred to me and I would like to give you some advices to help you.

Your problem sounds quite extensive that involves not only physical conditions but also mental disorders. I trust you have done all necessary medical tests to sort it out however nothing was abnormal... and I can certainly feel how desperate you are by fighting against something invisible and inappreciable that you know nothing about...

Here I would explain from the Chinese medical point of view: as you may have heard about, acupuncture is balancing the Yin and Yang relationship in our body. Yin and Yang are the two opposite forces existing anywhere in the universe, Yin presents the cold, quite, dark, still, female, inside and etc., while Yang includes the hot, vivid, bright, active, male and outside etc. Anything must belong to either Yin or Yang category, as well as has its own Yin and Yang properties. The relationship between Yin and Yang needs to always be in balance - once the balance is broken, trouble comes.

So for human body, the energy(Qi) belongs Yang that keeps us warm, able to get up and move, while blood and body fluid on the Yin side cools us down, calms the mind and body so we can fall asleep. As I said, when the balance is broken, people will have both physiological and psychological problems.

I don't know how and when your original balance was lost, possibly by having inproper lifestyle, diet, stress or secondary to other health issues, so I cannot tell you why and how especially our diagnosis is based on

1. enquiry to your symptoms and history,

2. Inspection to your general beings, body posture, shape, skin color and radiance etc.,

3. Tongue diagnosis,

4. Pulse diagnosis

Therefore I can't make any decision particularly for your case before I see you, talk to you and check your pulse, but only give you some basic conceptions.

I hope my explanation has made some sense to you, and if you would like to go further for resolving your confusions and symptoms, I am afraid we will have to meet in person for a proper consultation.

Please call 09 414 22 25 if you would like to book a consultation to see me so that we can discuss this further.
Answered by: Pure Healthcare;
Answered on: 26-11-2015;
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