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Q Hi My 12-year-old daughter wakes up nearly every morning with a mild sore throat, any time of the year, and a barking couch. Both disappear during the day but are back at night time. She is a healthy and sporty Pakeha girl with good hygiene and eating habits. We are however wondering whether she is not suffering from some sorts of allergy. Thanks for your time. Eric

A Hello Eric, this must be very uncomfortable for your girl. A chronic cough could be a symptom of food intolerance or other allergy, although if it is year round it is unlikely to be a single environmental allergen. Chronic cough often responds well to immune support with a specific strain of probiotic along with a quality zinc supplement. Upbeat Health specialises in Food Intolerance and Immunity and I am happy to offer a short complementary phone consult to discuss your daughters symptoms and offer some simple solutions. Please call 075494510 or 021549191 Thank you, Jenny at Upbeat Health
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Answered on: 02-05-2016;
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