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Q I'm an ME/Fibro sufferer, forced to be sedentary. I eat a very healthy diet, but have begun to suffer chronic constipation. I want to know how to combat it without using laxatives? (Psyllium husk is unsuitable as my stomach can't cope with it)

A Hi there, where are you based? If you are in the Tauranga area, we can definately help. We predominantly work with massage combined with Acupressure and have had many Fibro clients over the years where acupressure has made a huge difference. If not, I have come across this website with the appropriate acupressure points - you can do yourself. They are specifically designed to stimulate the small intestines and the digestive system in general. If you do not feel confident in doing them straight off, I suggest finding a traditional Chinese Acupuncturist in your area who can treat you but also give you home care of these points. Happy journey with this :D
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Answered on: 24-08-2012;
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A I would suggest that you try to drink more water as that helps to soften the stools, and also eat citrus as they have wet fibre which helps to soften and move stools through the digestive system. Also standing with your hands on your hips and gently twisting from side to side helps the intestines to increase the movement of the intestines also.
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Answered on: 23-08-2012;
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