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Submitted on: 22-06-2017; Answers: 1; Tagged under: Detoxification Diabetes       ✘ Report abuse
Q something for my fathers 59th bday.. diabetes managed by self admin of insulin- has cirrousis (?) 40% function? from years of meds for gout & possibly the diabetes. would like to make his overall health better & inspirehim to take control of his health... he lives in Beachlands- akl. thank you Katie

A Hi Katie
this is quite complex, but there is help available. if you like to consider my clinic, just give me a call and we can have a chat. My clinic is in Bucklands Beach. Contact number 021 549 544.
Kind regards
Inga von Benzon
Answered by: Holistic Health Naturopathic Clinic; Answered on: 22-06-2017;      ✘ Report abuse
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