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Q Hi, I have always struggled with constipation and insomnia. But have allways been able to manage it. I am on 20mg of doxepin to help with my sleep and anxiety. Have been taking it for 3 years now. Never noticed a change in bowel habbits.. but the last three months I have been severly constipated. I have tried everything, in the way I eat, excersize, drinking lots of water, flax seed gel etc but nothing works. I dont get the urge / cramping at all now to go to the toilet, which I used to get after breakfast and a coffee most mornings. All has stopped. My doctor thinks it is definitley doxepin but Im not so sure as I have been on it for three years with no problem? Could this still be the cause? Would biofeedback be of help as to re training the muscles/brain etc? Getting desperate as its making life miserable

A Thank you . There is lot we can discuss. For a more personalised response, please email us on

Thank you
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Answered on: 19-07-2018;
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