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Q What can I try for my son. Age 7.5, Bedwetting. He goes in to the most dead of all sleeps. And he cant wake himself up, he is fine throughout the day. But night. That's another thing. Has been happening now for over 1yr. I must set an alarm,, to get him up,, but if I sleep thu it,, he 9/10 will wet. I double the bed with wet sheets,, because there is the odd night he has wet twice thu the night. Anything else I can do. I've told him to wear nappies,, but he gets sad, He is growing alot also.

A Hi there, look at what happened one year ago. Was there an event that could have triggered the bedwetting? Often emotional upset can be the onset of bedwetting, and with boys, there is a connection to the father. Check his daily routine, what is he eating/drinking, school events (anything potentially traumatising), avoid apples and apple juice, as well as dairy.
Bowen therapy is very beneficial to regulate bedwetting. If you like more info, please contact me.
All the best!
Inga von Benzon
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A Hi there,

Sorry to hear about the bedwetting. Check out the testimonial under 'bedwetter' on the following link (on my website) to see how I resolved the issue for a patient of mine.

I am based in Wellington (and occasionally travel to Auckland to see patients) so let me know if you'd like to book in an appointment with me.

Best wishes,
Patricia Sullivan (All about Health and Wellness)
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A This is stressful for the child and the parents. The treatment I do Neurolink (NIS) can take anywhere up to 3 treatments to work. I recommend 3 to get to the cause of why he is bedwetting and sort these issues out. It is gentle and deals with any other issues the child may have at the same time.
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