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Submitted on: 17-11-2012; Answers: 3; Tagged under: Counselling Anxiety       ✘ Report abuse
Q Always worrying over things, taking sleeping tablets anxious all the time, being negative,can't relax.

A Sounds like you're having a hard time at the moment... :-( Try to remember back to times when things were going well and recall those things that maintained that wellness or made you feel better. Walking? Exercise? Meditation? Whatever it may have been try to reconnect with it.
Also, check out my Health e-Article "Counselling for Depression" on this site. Most of this, also, applies to anxiety. Kind Regards, Hayden Oswin
Answered by: Hayden Oswin - Counsellor & Celebrant;
Answered on: 28-11-2012;
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A Hi there, counselling can certainly help to bring out your current worries and concerns, allowing the space for you to begin to gain some awareness. With Hypnotherapy, we would be able help you to first experience a level of relief from your concerns through focused relaxation before then working with you to find the source of your worrying behaviour. This normally takes 1 - 2 sessions with us. It seems like this has been something that you have been experiencing for some time and in these types of circumstances it can be more challenging for someone to locate the core source of the worry and negativity after a long period of time. With Hypnotherapy we are able to help you to locate the core event that created the belief behind this behaviour, allowing you to gain the awareness and healing so that you can move through this period as quickly as possible. We often find people in similar situations as yours are wanting relief as quickly as possible by the time they reach us - Hypnotherapy allows the space for that to be achieved. If you'd like to contact us to speak further about what Hypnotherapy can offer you, please feel free to contact us directly on 0220 594 807 or alternatively via email at
Answered by: Waking Life Hypnotherapy;
Answered on: 18-11-2012;
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A Hi, it sounds like you are struggling a bit. Well done for reaching out for help. Here at the Holistic Health Centre we offer counselling for anxiety and depression, which sounds a bit like what you are suffering. Of course an evaluation of yourself would need to be done to completely ascertain your situation, but it does sound like some counselling could be helpful. Please feel free to contact us, either through our website or directly on the telephone.
Regards, Debbie Wright, The Holistic Health Centre
Answered by: The Holistic Health Centre;
Answered on: 17-11-2012;
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