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Q I have had only about 5 days relief from migraines in nearly 2 years.Have tried all the preventatives as well as acute medication and have had a few bad side effects.Currently going to a neurologist and having botox injections,but there has been no improvement in the 2 months since I started. I was wondering if a visit to a cranial Osteopath may be helpful?? Many thanks Jan

A Hello Jan,
It is a while ago since you inquired about your migraines; I hope you are a bit relieved by now. However, I thought I would offer you the answers I can give if you are still struggling. I know how awful if is to find no answers.
I teach how to release their own tightly held muscles in the head and neck so that it offers relief and you learn to release it yourself. See more here:
If you still want to know more, email me at
All the best
Jann McMichael
Answered by: Alexander Technique Centre - Jann McMichael;
Answered on: 29-12-2014;
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