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Q no mention of benign essential tremor on this site. How can the Bowen Technique help relieve this condition. How long approx would the effect last and how much would it cost.

A Hi,

My understanding of Benign Essential Tremor, is a movement disorder that causes uncontrollable shaking in the head, hands, arms, and legs. Benign Essential Tremor is a slowly progressive disorder, but it does not lead to any serious or life-threatening illnesses. For some though the symptoms can be severe enough to make daily living very difficult.
Symptoms of Benign Essential Tremor include uncontrollable, rhythmic shaking, severe tremor upon wakening, and neck pain for those with head tremors. The tremors can get worse when holding objects or when the patient moves the affected body part against gravity.

Bowen Therapy affects a wide range of physical structural complaints, and functional syndromes without needing to understand how the condition became a problem in the first place. Bowen Therapy assists the body by reducing inflammation and pain. The human body (and animals) heal when it is in a parasympathetic state – the relaxed nervous state. That Bowen Therapy can help the body to relax and de-flame spasm indicates its benefit to switch the body from the sympathetic (stressed) state to the parasympathetic state. Most clients reported a deep sense of relaxation during and after their treatments.

Most Bowen Therapy moved are in areas where proprioceptors, spindle cells and golgi tendon organs abound. Bowen Therapy helps the body remember it needs to heal through its stimulation if the proprioceptors, the sensory neurons the body uses for proper movement, balance and sensation. In addition many of the bowen moves are done along the meridians or energetic pathways of the body, enabling the energy and life force to flow more easily clearing congestion and stuck patterns.

Generally I recommend a series of 3 Bowen Therapy sessions spaced a week apart, to gain benefit, then on going sessions as needed. I charge $80 per session (up to an hour). The healing the body does as a result of a Bowen Therapy session is more that just that hour. Benefits can build over the following 3-5 days. Would it work for you? I can’t guarantee full relief from the symptoms – I think it is something you need to try and see if it helps – different therapies help different people at different times. I am located near Silverdale, North Auckland.
Answered by: Helen McAuley-Grant | Evolutionary Well-Being;
Answered on: 05-01-2013;
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A Bowen therapy has a reorganising effect on the autonomic nervous system, the flow on result could possibly help with benign essential tremors.

Dianne Mills
Answered by: Dianne Mills Massage and Bowen therapy;
Answered on: 24-12-2012;
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A What do you understand by "benign essential tremor"?
Bowen Technique assist your brain in sorting what needs to be sorted in your metabolism. What ever is : is and what ever needs to be sorted is sorted (by you, not any body else).
Answered by: Holistic Health Therapies Ltd - Hamilton;
Answered on: 23-12-2012;
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