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Q I am a healthy 61 year old.For over 12 years I have had hot flushes (mainly night sweats) The only thing that seems to help is HRT (Kliovance) Many times I have tried natural rememdies but nothing seems to work and I end up going back to HRT.I've tried black cohosh, dong quai, red clover and many others. At the moment I have been off HRT for 3 months and the hot flushes are getting worse, I have them 1 or 2 hourly 24/7 and they are disrupting my sleep, so I'm considering returning to HRT. I am on 1,000mg Chaste Tree berry, progesterone cream and homeobotanics (I+b F+2 MRN2 L1 with Bach Flowers walnut & elm). I'm also taking Calcium/Magnesium to help with sleep at night. My GP wants me to stay off HRT and suggested Clonindine instead,but it didn't help, and I'm aware it suppresses the adrenal glands so I stopped using it. I had glandular fever 5 years ago. I have a multi-nodular goitre but my thyroid levels are normal. I eat lots of fresh fruit and veges, fish,plus free range chicken and eggs, very little red meat. I walk 40mins daily each morning before work.What else can I try? My GP suggested seeing an endocrinologist but $425.00 for an hour long consult isn't in my budget, especially if no outcome is gauranteed. I would welcome any suggestions, or recommendations. Are there any practioners in Tauranga you could recommend? I went to Patient Advocates 5 years ago, but at that stage none of their remedies worked. Jane

A Hi Jane,
Firstly I practice in Papamoa, Tauranga and have helped hundreds of women who have had hot flushes,(First consultation fee - $90 follow-up $65).
You have mentioned many remedies which can be helpful there are more that may be more helpful to you, however these and supplements should be used in addition to the foundation of a nutrient rich diet which excludes foods and drinks which cause inflammation, disruption to the endocrine glands hormonal imbalance and chronic illness.
There are some aspects of your diet and lifestyle which sound great, however you are likely to be missing some key nutrients, the magnesium you are taking may be depleted by the calcium you take the absorption of these supplements may also be a problem.
Free range means little in terms of quality fats.The fats you are having in the chicken , eggs and meat may be of poor quality and destructive to your health. High quality fats ate on the other hand essential for hormonal health (and most other aspects of health)- Organic sources of fats are important.
Poor quality fats alcohol and sugars cause hormonal imbalances and thyroid problems, adrenal problems, and lowered immunity
These are just some of the aspects of your diet we can look at should you decided to come to see me; we will also find the specific dietary and lifestyle changes you need to make. Your nutrient needs will also be assessed and supplements recommended - Food State www.entirekatoa.co.nz have very high absorption.
A herbal medicine tailor made to your total needs may also be made.
Call me on 07 542 1364 or email me jaine@baynaturopath.co.nz to make an appointment.
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Answered on: 03-01-2013;
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A Hi Jane, I would first ask what situtaion or event happened in your life approx. 13 years ago that caused some degree of mental/emotional conflict within you and your life. I would offer that there is most likely a link there between that event, your mental and emotional well being and your body, that proliferated in the physical condition you are still experiencing today. If this resonates with you I'd be more than happy to speak with you further. You can contact me at contact@wakinglife.co.nz
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A Indeed this is a tricky one. I am 58 and had horrible night sweats despite experimenting with progesterone cream levels via Patient Advocates. I also experimented with various herbs to no avail. Here's what made the difference for me: bi-est. It's a cream from Pharmaceutical Compounding available thru prescription (my GP cooperated reluctantly). It contains both oestriol and oestradiol. After seeing an article on mercola.com I applied it vaginally every night and commenced applying progesterone at the anus at the same time. It's been remarkable. I need far less cream of both sorts and my symptoms have subsided to the occasional (every 3 -4 days) warm flush.
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Answered on: 01-01-2013;
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A Hi there,
As an energy therapist I would suggest to look at your chakra system and have Healing Touch treatments to balance your hormone/endocrine system.( I am shure there is a qualified Healing Touch therapist in your area. Look up Healing Touch NZ, Practitioners.)It might take a series of sessions to get a lasting result to balance your systems. Have you checked out any possible heavy metals in your blood?
In addition:
I you havent already tried out wild yam cream, it has a good success rate to reduce the flushes or any other symptoms. e best and a Happy New YearAll th
Answered by: Vital Essenz;
Answered on: 01-01-2013;
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