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Q Hi, is there any merit to getting my 3 yr olds hair tested for allergies? He has quite bad eczema in the usual places (wrists, elbows,neck, knees and a bit on his trunk and legs but none on his back or face) and am wondering how good it can be to keep putting hydrocortisone cream on which works until he hopefully grows out of it?

A Hi,
I have used hair analysis to help asses clients needs for many years , however I would not recommend it for allergy testing.
Firstly do persevere in trying to help your son, hydrocortisone cream can cause problems both thinning of the skin and the impact it has on the liver. He may not grow out of the eczema, or it may be long years for him until he does.
Eczema can be triggered by many factors - not just foods that your son is allergic/sensitive to. Commonly sugars, poor quality fats, stress(things that worry him). Also low water intake, low quality fats, low Magnesium, low zinc.
I have found eczema improves with attention to these, and with careful case history consultation to asses other likely foods that may be triggers.
This is the definitely the simplest and 90% of the time effective.
On the rare occasions I find tests are needed I recommend the Elisa blood tests to identify the foods your son reacts to. this measures antibodies both IgE ("classical" allergy) and IgG (food sensitivities). This is a costly and invasive test as a blood sample is needed which are two of the reasons I don't use it initially. The other reason is that it is important to make sure the diet is nutritionally sound too; providing nutrients as above. Click on the link to get in touch with me.
Out of interest (remember this is not an allergy test)-
The hair analysis I use tests minerals at a laboratory - for nutrient mineral (things we need such as calcium, chromium, selenium etc.)and Toxic metals (such as lead, aluminium, mercury etc.) and trace minerals , those we need in very small amounts but can be toxic if levels are high). Click on the link to get in touch with me.
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A I am a clinical hypnotherapist and a Reiki practitioner, and allergy testing is outside my field of expertise. However, in addition to trying Robin's suggestions, below, if you would like to contact me through my website, I can talk to you about a cream that I developed many years ago, using natural ingredients, which has proved helpful in many cases. Norma
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A If you visit a NAET practitioner he/she will be able to identify what foods your child is allergic to. I would also look at the gut bacteria and have your child on a good 'Probiotic' especially if he has been give antibiotics at any stage of his life. Digestive enzymes is also another thing to look at . The skin is an organ of elimination so make sure he is drinking plenty of water and 'pooing' every day - Robin Rodgers
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