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About The Wellness Directory The Wellness Directory is one of New Zealand's most popular complementary health sites. It was created in August 2009 by former fitness coach and web entrepreneur, Jonathan Callinan. He is currently an Executive board member of Natural Health Practitioners New Zealand (NHPNZ) and a full-time advocate of natural health and its associated lifestyle benefits. 

The directory was partially founded due to a lack of interactive options between the Kiwi public and qualified natural health practitioners. In addition to its search features, the site has become a credible resource for developing greater self-awareness and health independence.

The Wellness Directory
is one of the very few independent (natural) health directories allowing you, the public, to choose between registered and non-registered practitioners across multiple modalities.

Specifically, the health platform serves both public and health practitioners in the following ways;

The Wellness Directory
For The Public

Our vision is empowering New Zealanders to lead pain-free and healthier lives. To realise this greater purpose, our core values evolve around awareness and education of natural health modalities, practitioners, products and modern expert advice. In particular, we aim to serve the public through:

• Creating an informative medium which includes the latest natural health choices
• Increasing awareness and understanding of complementary medicine
• Building greater interaction between the general public and practitioners
• Establishing the importance of complementary health and its role within society

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The Wellness Directory
For Health Practitioners

The Wellness Directory Launch 2009 We are dedicated to supporting health practitioners in their quest to build online awareness and influence within the natural healthcare industry (NZ practitioners qualify for a FREE web consult here) .  More accessible information provides further public benefits such as;

• Increased natural health options across New Zealand to work alongside conventional medicine
• Reduced dependence on long-term medications
• Greater Self-awareness and overall health independence
• More industry credibility and recognition within the Ministry of Health

"I recently became a member of The Wellness Directory to further promote my Health and Performance Coaching business. This membership gives me one year of expert web advertising and email support. Within nine days I received my first enquiry. When I asked the client how she had found my services she said when she typed in EFT Hamilton into the search engine the first page listed at the top was The Wellness Directory. Her search was quickly satisfied and she was able to send an enquiry to me immediately. As a Practitioner this is great!

The support from the team with regards layout of content, article publication, and social media promotion on Facebook, has also been superb. Thank you!"

- Linda Wells, Outcomes Unlimited, Hamilton.

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