Client Testimonials, Faye Taylor - Natural Therapist

"Swollen Ankle - I experienced interesting sensations during the healing, to my surprise my foot felt much better." 
- Rob Ford

"This was the most amazing intense healing I have ever experienced. My body got intensely hot as I felt the deep seated emotions of grief, anger, resentment and hurt being stirred up and gradually released. Feel that the Pranic Healing has taken my modalities of reiki and body talk to a much deeper level when working with the client." 
- Dianne Udy

"The pranic healing I had was amazing, worked on me in the 1st treatment, not only parts but my whole body felt a big relief, pains suddenly disappeared. I would recommend everyone who is suffering aches and pains to try it." 
- Toer Ti

"Severe foot and back pain - After a pranic healing - both pain free, unbelievable."
- Shirley Easton

"My sore hands and arms feel relieved and pain free from a healing, having suffered for some time with this - amazing!" 
- Briar Gilbert

"You worked on the eczema on my face and gave me a pranic healing, you are Wonder Woman!! My face has been clear ever since and the skin over my whole body has improved beyond belief. From 42 years of chronic eczema to none at all-I still can't believe it is my own skin I wear. Thank you so very much, you are a wonderful healer."
- Marilyn Fearns

"My back is pain free after a healing and I feel very relaxed."  
- Howard Roe

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Testimonials from basic healing courses

"I have learn’t that we all have the energy that can be used to heal various disorders in the body, also I now know more about the aura that surrounds each one of us and how to connect with the energy of another. I know that there are 11 chakras plus several minor ones."                  
- Joannna Bergman

"I enjoyed the Basic Pranic Healing course, it has helped me to understand more about my own healing and how I will be able to help others. I look forward to the next levels and developing further in this healing art and using it to develop my practice."
- Patricia Harvey

"In a very short time I feel to have grasped the basic skills needed to heal myself and those close to me. I look forward to attending the next level courses and furthering my knowledge and experience in this field of healing. Thank you Faye  for your loving kindness, and the time given to help us discover Pranic Healing."                   
- Tara McKinley

"I found Faye very easy to understand, patient and encouraging and positive. She was attentive to our needs and constantly checking in with us as to whether or not we understood or had any questions. She is a very knowledgeable and positive and encouraged us to check in with her afterwards as to any queries we might have later. Thanks Faye."                                         
- Delia Collins

"Have learn’t to sense and direct energy for healing with intent and focus from a pleasant compassionate lady. Have a lot more understanding and control of energy and effects of energy."   
- Leone Pratt

"I am grateful for Faye to be able to teach me about the basics of Pranic Healing. I’m hopeful that I could use this knowledge to be able to heal myself, my family and also be able to help other people in need of healing. Though I still have a lot to learn and practice more of what we have done during the course I hope that with practice I could develop the skills and be able to fully and intently focus on what I have learnt and use it positively."                                          
- Imelda de Grauur

"I am amazed by the results of this technique, I am really happy to do it and planning to attend the advanced course."                                      
- Emilie Langohr   (visiting from Belgium)

"I found the course to be very intensive but full of fresh and new methods of healing which I look forward to putting into practice. Thank you Faye for your personal input also into the course. I look forward to doing the advanced course."                                      
- Heather Jenkins

"Thought the course was very comprehensive and it all made sense to me. Can’t wait to get started to help my friends and family to a healthier life. I will definitely be doing the advanced. Faye was a great tutor concise, friendly and very patient. I will be spreading the word. Blessed be."      
- Lorna McKenzie
"Great course. Pleased I have done it. Small group to work with which I really liked, not so intimidating, feel like more involved. Wasn’t sure what to expect. Generally realised about chakras but was not sure what prior. Has exceeded expectations. Lots to think about and process. A lot of stuff made real sense. Lots to process and practice. Thanks Faye."
- Kathy Wright

"Found the course very beneficial. Will be putting into practice on myself and family before I begin to help others. Course was easy to understand and note taking was well broken up with hands on practice. Yah thank you Faye."
- Jo Fever

"I have found this course most interesting and hope to continue using this technique a lot. I found Faye to be very enthusiastic and vibrant and generous with her experiences which gives us encouragement."
- Yvonne Lehrke

"I found the course very enlightening, all aspects made perfect sense. It was a lot of fun and very well worthwhile. I would recommend the course to any and everyone."        
- Mike Lehrke 
"I have found it very inspiring and interesting to hear and learn about Pranic Healing as I didn’t really know what it was apart from being an energy healing. I knew it would work but actually seeing and feeling the energy is amazing. Thanks Faye for a brilliant weekend."                              
- Jenny Rawson

"Found the course very comprehensive and informative."                                 
- Christina Heather

"Made me think more about myself and life than I was used to, hope to be able to self heal in future."       
- Doreen Haswell

"The very best weekend of my life. Faye if the best of the best Pranic teachers, friend and person. After not finding my way with Reiki, Pranic is now the way to go for me in all ways. I now with the love and light from Faye and all other Pranic Healers this is and going to be my life. Thanks to all." 
- Gail Clayton 
"I really enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it as I always choose the natural path for years. Faye was a good teacher and being a small number was a plug. I already felt a difference on the second day, I felt really good as I woke up."                                
- Sylviane Aurisch

"Found the course great, informative, had a few light bulb moments. Faye’s a great teacher makes it seem so easy, her energy is wonderful."       
- Karen Avery
Basic Pranic Healing Workshop Testimonials

This course has been amazing. I have loved every minute and it is much more comprehensive than other energy healing treatments I've seen. It makes sense and it works. I am so pleased I came and will recommend to others. Joy Adams

Excellent course, clearly given and easy to understand. Recommend it to everyone! Dr Joe Rozencwajg NMD

Excellent course full of hands on learning and applications to satisfy even a sceptic that proves pranic healing works, definitely recommend to others Sylvia Zittersteijn

An amazing two days. I am so glad I came and was fortunate enough to be working in the group that made this particular class. I feel that I can use pranic healing immediately even though there are areas that I need to work on (like testing). This course makes me feel empowered and adequate where often I have felt as though I have this benchmark goal that is just out of reach and unattainable when I have done other courses. M Karalus

I found this course to be really fantastic. It has brought together a lot of the understandings, skills, theories that I have worked with and taught others over the years and put it into a simple practical powerful technique to use with very quick results. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole course and can't wait for the advanced one to begin. N. Clark

I finally found what I was looking for and feel very motivated and happy and love myself more. I learned so much and am very grateful that the pranic course was available and can't wait to do the next one. Thank you Faye. Caroline Van Lubech

"I learn't a lot about the power of hands and healing energies, about energy auras and the 11 chakras and the power of thought and healing. Pranic Healing is simple in nature but also powerful in effect. I learn't more about me and what I wish to become. I enjoyed Faye's teachings and meeting the other students in our group." Nicola Reece

The very best weekend of my life. Faye if the best of the best Pranic teachers, friend and person. After not finding my way with Reiki, Pranic is now the way to go for me in all ways. I now with the love and light from Faye and all other Pranic Healers this is and going to be my life. Thanks to all. Gail Clayton

Faye provided course material in a very delightful personal way with all members. I attended for grounding, understanding and conformation of myself which was more than achieved. I leave with a far greater knowledge of where I now fit into the circle of life and look forward to attending more training with Faye. C. Judd

From a spiritual healing background of 7 chakras I am now aware that there are in fact 11 major ones. The course has been run at an easy to follow pace with time to question and evaluate the steps as we went along. Faye has a down to earth approach to pranic healing which assists the newcomer to this type of healing to learn, digest and assimilate the information before moving to the next procedure. I now feel that I am more aware of the functions of each chakra and how the function affects good or bad health. C  Geddis

Excellent course content. Very warm friendly kindly presentation. I greatly enjoyed the course and felt I gained an enormous amount from it. S Nicholson  

Advanced Pranic Healing Workshop Testimonials

After attending the advanced pranic healing course on the 24/25th Nov, 2012, I tested my new set of lungs this morning and it was incredible. I did my normal workout at the gym which is designed to get your heart rate up. Normally when I do it I sound like a steam engine and struggle to talk plus I can feel my muscles are lacking oxygen. This morning I could do it easily and was able to do more reps and I could easily talk between sets. The Mount better look out as here I come. It blew me away the difference has been huge. I am also very excited about using the Lupus protocol and what changes that will bring. The petrol cleansing was also amazing I couldn't believe how little petrol I used!   No more worries about the cost of petrol. Rachel.

Enjoyable informative course, supportive instructor. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in gaining knowledge and skills with which to help and heal themselves, others and the planet.- Sara Nicholson

"A great satisfaction and experience of working with colours and the in depth healing techniques giving me a great sense of appreciation."  Desmond Everson

"Was great to learn more about colour, started to feel more confident about scanning. Faye lovely teacher, very welcoming." Karen Avery

 Enjoyable course, comprehensive and all inclusive. Covering many effects of clinical work and allows one to include pranic healing into regular clinical practice.

Dr Joe Rozenwajg NMD

I found this course interesting and informative. It has given me confidence in my own abilities and I now look forward to working with coloured energy. This course has also made me very aware of just how precise this healing modality is and I am well aware of the potential dangers of working with coloured energies. I have enjoyed this course and I thank Faye for her kind and gentle way of teaching and the humour.  A Geddis 

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