Practitioner Testimonials

What Others Are Saying About The Wellness Directory

Sara Chatwin | MindWorksThe natural health industry in New Zealand is really experiencing growth and The Wellness Directory are offering people so many opportunities, so much information and it is just so accessible. I see the public coming here to get the information they need to keep themselves healthy.

I found that people got to know my type of psychology and what type of psychologist I am due to the articles I could post on the site. since I've been with the directory, my perception of online marketing has also changed significantly. I would therefore fully endorse this service to other practitioners - I think it's a great way to get in front of people and get your message out. It's been incredibly helpful for me.

-Sara Chatwin

Lani LopezI am thrilled to see the work you and Samantha have and are putting in to The Wellness Directory.  You are creating a much needed online resource for NZ and you are over delivering on my hopes and expectations with the depth and breadth of features and content.  I for one, look forward to seeing the directory flourish and as it does to see the growth in prominence, sustainability and use of natural health therapies and research in NZ.

Personally too I want to thank you for also working to build a new forum, both online and off, that will strengthen our community of natural health professionals.  I am delighted to be part of your event in November and look forward particularly to some rare and precious time there chatting and sharing with my peers and looking at your membership list, a few mentors too.

-Lani Lopez


Clif SandersonIt seems to me that The Wellness Directory is an assured way to bring each of our practices to the proper clients by providing a simple, easily accessed and thoroughly professional way. It appeals to me to be able to provide another form of addressing the age-old question of how to give my clients sufficient information about the many different approaches in a personal way without requiring them to first make direct contact. It’s a ‘handshake’ greeting.

At last we can see at a glance a unified group of professionals, gathered together in a field of diverse practices with similar intentions directed towards the best possible choices for our clients.

-Clif Sanderson