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Why Choose All About Health & Wellness....

Our Philosophy, Our Clinics:

We pride ourselves on being a boutique, holistic health clinic using our expertise and innovative and scientifically-proven treatments to ensure you achieve your health needs.

We are incredibly passionate about holistic medicine and believe that treating a person is more than just a disease – at All About Health & Wellness we follow this philosophy to ensure you get the very best treatment available.

We joined our individual practices (All About Health and John Haywood Physiotherapy) together to become All About health & Wellness after we joined our lives in marriage in 2007. Since first combining our practices we have opened clinics in both Crofton Downs and Eastbourne.

We have a number of unique differences that set us apart from many other clinics in our field:

We have extensive experience in our given fields, with over sixty years experience between us. We use these skills to give our patients the very best treatment available.
We provide a wide range of services from sports medicine, nutritional advice, allergy management and emotional support, allowing us to treat you holistically
We use innovative and scientifically-proven treatment to ensure that the service we provide is thorough and accurate
We have strong relationships with other health specialists, so you can be assured you receive the best advice and support possible

What our clients say....

Dear Paddy,

I know we only had 2 sessions together but it feels as though my life has changed immeasurably since the time I spent with you in regards to NET. Firstly the fear of flying. Whilst I haven’t yet flown I have booked flights and no longer ‘freak out’ at just seeing them or hearing them. A vast improvement. After having tried soo many different therapies over the past two years I was shocked to discover the root of my problem. Even though I have an open mind and had studied psychology I still had reservations prior to session but was desperate and was referred from a very reliable source. I don’t know how you unlocked that part of my brain Paddy and how on earth you knocked that fear of flying out of me. Even though I felt drained afterwards, I felt empowered and my husband said it looked as though the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders.

T.H. December 2013

I came to see Paddy from All About Health after been treated for an over active thyroid and Graves disease. I was struggling with fatigue, anxiety, muscle weakness, headaches you name it I was suffering from it. My body was really at its lowest. I remember meeting Paddy and thinking how lovely it was that someone understood what was happening to my body and mind. We worked together over the next 6 months, on some emotional issues and assisting my body in recovering. I can honestly say that Paddy knows her stuff, I was impressed how she worked alongside my Specialist in my treatment. She really does have a gift for understanding how our systems work both physically and emotionally. Due to my thyroid levels been overactive for many years, my adrenals pretty much burnt out. The day I meet Paddy was the day I started on the journey to get better. I’ve learnt so much about my body, hormones and how our minds work from Paddy and now use this knowledge to maintain a healthy lifestyle and happy life.

Thank you Paddy, you are a special lady with an incredible gift to help people.

Emily W
June 2013

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