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Angelique Healing is a conveniently located one-stop-shop for all your health concerns. Every session is specifically and personally tailored to fit your needs, which can involve multiple healing techniques. This allows optimal synchronisation of all levels - body, mind, mental and spiritual, which leads to healthy functioning, disease prevention and acceleration of healing. At Angelique Healing we are dedicated to enhance your health and well-being in a safe, caring, and peaceful environment while helping you to overcome limitations, problems and setbacks by addressing underlying causes instead of treating just symptoms.

In addition to treatments Angelique Healing also offers training for Aromatherapy, Colour Puncture and Reiki.


Remote and Skype sessions are available for: Psych-K, BodyTalk, and Reiki.






"My son had irritating eczema shortly after he was born. I saw the relaxing effect of BodyTalk after one session and the eczema was fully gone after the fourth session. He slept much better and is a happy baby since then."

S.B. Auckland

"As a personal trainer running around all day, I am constantly tired, my muscles are tight and sore, and I have aches and pains everywhere. Angelika works miracles with her acupressure massage, pushing all the right points. Although it might be painful during the massage, I feel much more relaxed, loosened up and energized afterwards."

M.K. Bangkok, Thailand

I was suffering from sciatic pain for months which was severe especially in the morning while getting up. I felt a difference after one Colourpuncture treatment and I was totally pain-free after the second one. I was so relieved that I could move around again as I wanted to."

I.P. Berlin, Germany

"Thank you for the wonderful Reiki treatment last week. It was pure bliss. I felt so amazing, relaxed and refreshed afterwards. Even this week when I was feeling a cold coming on, I was able to fight it off - I still was under rejuvenating energy."

D.W. Auckland

"When I saw Angelika I was going through a very stressful time - various financial, health and relationship issues that I was feeling very negative about. When I booked my appointment I was simply going to get some treatment in my shoulders as I was kind of in denial about how stressed I really was. Angelika asked the right questions and in the right way that allowed me to open up to her about what was really going on, so the session took a turn from simply releasing physical tension to releasing all the emotional stuff that was underlying it. After the psych-k session I left feeling lighter and more positive than I had for quite some time. As the session involved exploring my belief patterns and how they contribute to how I manage stress, the effect of the session is ongoing."

D.D. Auckland

"Thank you for the lovely massage yesterday. I had the best night sleep last night in 7 months. Truly bliss."

E. Auckland

"Just wanted to thank you again for surrogating for my sister last Friday with the psych-k balances. It was lovely to see you work with it. I spoke to my sister this morning, the family event went very well, and she found solutions to things and she did not have any headaches !!! In fact, she had not had any headaches since I had spoken to her a week ago when I told her that I will arrange for some healing for her. What we worked on has helped her a lot and she said "keep it going"."

N.B. Auckland

" A friend of mine recommended Angelika to me because I was going to a really bad time in my life with depression and anxiety. In the beginning I had two BodyTalk sessions. After the first session I felt lighter, not sad at all and I even got back my sense of smell, which I lost a few years ago. After the second session I was already a different person, I could think clear, smile and be optimistic again. I even went home singing! Angelika is a genuine, kind and warm person who makes sure she does all her best to help her patients. I highly recommend her for BodyTalk and other holistic treaatments. Many of my friends are already seeing Angelika and they are happy with the outcome and the diffference it has made in their lives."

M.M. Auckland

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Appointments are available Monday to Saturday.

Please phone or email for an appointment.

Sunday and public holiday appointments are available on special request.

A surcharge of $10 per treatment will be applied.


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