Director Bronwyn Jackson has always had a passion for indulging in beautiful scents and products, and for making people feel good, so becoming a beauty therapist and massage therapist came naturally to her.

This progressed to dabbling in aromatherapy which resulted in great improvements in her health in particular with her asthma symptoms.

Seeing the power of aromatherapy inspired Bronwyn started formal training in Aromatherapy. Unfortunately, Bronwyn’s mother died from asthma before she could complete her training and help her. Frustrated and feeling guilty, Bronwyn became determined to cure herself of this awful disease with aromatherapy. As a result, she is no longer dependant on inhalers.


Through years of practicing as a beauty therapist, herbalist, and incorporating essential oils into her treatments, Bronwyn realised that beauty therapy would form a great synergy.

She also realised, that while there were natural products around, it was hard to find ‘professional’ natural cosmetics that could deliver intensive salon results. In addition, aromatherapy brands were either just ‘essential oils’, or chemical-laden cosmetics that had essential oils added.  This enticed Bronwyn to create her own remedies, Green Remedies, which she incorporates in her AROMA SPA therapies. She has also developed a blend of essential oils that are added into plant-based, chemical free  cosmetic bases.


Being able to offer both therapeutic therapies and beauty treatments that provide superior results, without compromising the client’s health, forms the essence of AROMA SPA.

Over the years Bronwyn has contributed to articles to the likes of NZ Beauty Magazine and Beauty Mag Online, and also had a weekly spot on the Easy Listening radio show.

Bronwyn knows that what clients want to achieve through their beauty therapy visits: good results, access to the latest machinery and beauty breakthroughs, feeling pampered and relaxed. However, what many of these people didn’t realise, was that everyday beauty procedures could negatively impact their health long term. For Bronwyn AROMA SPA is about creating an environment that will achieve the results clients are looking for without the negative consequences.

"In this look-good society we are too often tempted by 'quick fixes’ that compact on our future health, and by resorting to chemical concoctions and procedures that put pressure on our body systems, rather than working with them. At the other end of the scale we have organic treatments and products that are being used for the sake of being organic, but that don’t produce any real visible results. That’s where AROMA SPA is different: All our treatments offer advanced, visible long-term results whilst using high-tech, safe equipment and chemical-free, often organic cosmetics. As a result, your body systems become stronger, you de-stress, have great skin, a lean fit body and look fantastic, not to mention smell great!” – Bronwyn Jackson


All our products are are made up of potent plant extracts, healing herbs, natural ingredients and essential oils.

We believe products should not have to contain parabens or other chemicals in order to obtain great visible results, as they can cause serious harm to the body with prolonged use.

All our treatments and remedies are therapeutic and support and strengthen body systems naturally, improving your vitality and that of your skin.

We enhance ‘wellness’ to your Body & Soul through the power of plants, our de-stressing therapies and powerful remedies.

We encourage you to take responsibility for your own health and show you how to be able to treat your own body ailments, empowering you, and bringing out your natural health and vitality. Along with our wide range of products, we offer therapy rooms where you can experience a variety of natural treatments and therapies in a comfortable relaxing ambience.


Our highly qualified and knowledgeable therapists offer support and advice in the following areas:

    •    natural therapies
    •    some natural medicines
    •    aromatherapy
    •    beauty therapy.

We also draw on the expertise of a wide range of other holistic practitioners, such as herbalists, naturopaths and nutritionists.

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Bronwyn Jackson
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