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Erena Oliver

With 8 years experience Erena aims to make safe, simple, effective health care available to all. This will be done in two ways – the first is by facilitating consultations at a profound level.

Consultations are gentle, non-invasive and comprehensive to address the mental, physical and emotional wellness of people of all ages, from newborns to seniors. An important aspect of your consultation is that scope is allowed within the the tools I use to identify and refer clients to other health modalities if necessary.

Erena offers sessions that are complementary to other beneficial systems of health-care and can greatly enhance the outcome of these treatments and you are in charge.

The second way Erena aims to makes safe, simple and effective wellness available to all is by providing workshops and training in the near future.

All ages - Adults - Teenagers - Children

I help Adults and Teenagers to make more efficient use of their mind, transforming their health challenges, have greater clarity of what really matters to them, teaching ways to improve the quality of their life and overall health while helping them to feel inspired and empowered.  I offer mothers, fathers and caregivers tools and strategies to use for their Children's health and well-being, bringing greater harmony within the family.

Are you or your family experiencing;

Adults                  *Pain
                            *Self Value
                            *Reproductive Health/Infertility

Teenagers            *Socialising
                            *School Issues -
                              bullying, peer pressure, exam anxiety, doing well
                            *Weight issues/Self Harm

Children              *Socialising
                            *Overwhelm/Over excited
                            *School challenges - bulling, fitting in
                            *Always sick

I Help You to Understand Your Pain

In 2011 the Institute of Medicine recommended that successful chronic pain treatment strategies address the whole patient:  the symptoms, emotional state, belief systems, expectations and responses of others to the patients pain condition. (ref: Institute of Medicine report from the Committee n Advancing Pain research, Care and Education: relieving pain in America: A blueprint for transforming prevention, care, education and research.  Washington, DC: National Academies Press 2011)

Limitations of the conventional healthcare system to effectively treat Pain have motivated man chronic pain sufferers to explore complementary and alternative medicine approaches.  

Pain is a universal experience AND all pain has been proven to be produced by the brain.

We have techniques to change the messages to and from the brain for a more healthy body and mind.

Sometimes the brain will continue to tell you, long after your tissues have healed, that you still have pain!  Most tissues have healed within 1-6 months, depending on location and your life situation.

Pain that persists is often due to the sensitivity of the nervous system. 

Factors that make the nervous system more sensitive are posture, cultural, environmental, biological, psychological as well as diet and stress levels.

We look at the big picture, all the clues,in a specific order for you, and have tools to balance all aspect of your brain and nervous system, taking into account all things that could affect your pain so we return balance and harmony. - I want to experience balance & harmony.

Pain has an enormous impact on your body, your ability to think, your mood, and your relationships with others and stress levels; yours and those around you.

Our thoughts, beliefs and emotions affect our nervous system.  They are brain impulses, they cause chemical reactions within the cells, either to reduce pain or to exacerbate pain.

We have techniques and ways to balance or remove emotions, beliefs and thoughts that are causing havoc.  Our nervous system becomes calmer and less reactive, even when we are faced with similar situations and people that have triggered us in the past.  The balancings enable us to bring about change in our lives and in our relationships.

Changing the emotional balance goes a long long ways to reducing pain levels.

Diet and lifestyle are also active contributors to making the nervous system more sensitive.

Our personal story, the things that have made up with our life are also making a huge impact on our pain.

Within our consultation we look at all the things that were happening around and within us, just before and around the time our pain began.  You will discover snippets from your past - worries, traumas, accidents etc (not only the things that happened to you, but also to others around you at the time) that have contributed to your pain.

This recognition of the connections and the deeper emotions and beliefs are a large key to you moving quickly forward through your healing journey.

Taking the BIG picture of your life and the things in and around it, as well as balancing all the factors in the specific order for YOUR healing is key to fast tracking healing....I SEE YOUR PAIN.




I came because of a rash I had and also many stress related problems from being at school  After having sessions the rash has completely healed - disappeared!  I have learnt ways to deal with different stressors. I keep coming back occasionally for sessions because I feel better, and my problems keep diminishing.  It helps. TE Marlborough

I came to see Erena a little over a year ago for help with anxiety.  I had an unhealthy response to a familial relationship.  I knew what the issues were, what triggered my response but couldn’t find a way forward.  I didn’t feel traditional counseling services would have helped, only have me revisit what I already knew.   
Well it’s been a year and the relationship in question still causes stress on occasion, but my anxiety response to it is gone, leaving me on a much healthier footing.
I just wanted to write and say thank you for your help.  I won’t hesitate to come back again to address any other personal concerns I have.  PS Marlborough

I came to Erena because I was experiencing intense sugar cravings and food addiction.  Attendant to those problems were a variety of symptoms, including bloating, constipation, anxiety and low self esteem.  When I had my sessions with Erena, she took considerable time to get to know the heart of my condition.  She was caring, direct, respectful and insightful.  The extremely gentle, subtle physical connections she made, combined with her intuitive conversation inspired me to turn a corner in my health and well-being.  I feel far more in control of my life in general, as a result, but also of my eating habits.,  I am more centered and confident within myself and my bloating and constipation have greatly improved.  I am very grateful to Erena for her caring and effective practice, and for giving me the boost I needed to take charge of my life's direction.  TB Marlborough

Wow what a practitioner!!! Erena has helped me move forward, to acknowledge and overcome past hurts, physical and emotional, without judgement and full support, ANY time ANY where.
Erena showed me that injuries, aches and pains, can be shifted painlessly and effortlessly, has also helped in my ways of supporting clients in my own work ahead vastly.
Heavy painful debilitating periods are now manageable, nearly a non-event, by working together to addressing the root causes not just the medical issue.
Emotional hurts and struggles can be helped and healed allowing the body to be whole in a very safe calm environment.
A wonderful modality to use for ALL the family, regardless of age.   Thank you so much Erena.  AB Renwick

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