Welcome to Glorious Body where you will receive support to re-connect to your glorious body, restore vitality to your body and mind, and live a joy-full and purpose-full life.

Is There Something Missing from Your Life?


As human beings we will all admit deep down that what we all want from life is: love, joy, stillness, truth and harmony.


I searched for these for a very long time, trying all sorts of modalities, looking for solutions to my underlying anxiety, stress, exhaustion and low self-worth…until I discovered the answer was within me all along. You can discover this too.


Modalities that draw upon Ancient Wisdom take you there: to your self - in the absolute knowing that everything you need is inside you, and that it is available for all, equally so.


Contact me to experience these life-changing Ageless Wisdom modalities.


Esoteric Practitioners Association Accredited -Esoteric Healing, including Energetic Facial Release. Connective Tissue Therapy. Qualified Yoga instructor. Personal training and group exercise. Stress management and lifestyle training (nutrition, exercise,sleep, work/life balance, time management, meditation, breathing, relaxation.)

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