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Dr Michael Hooker | Health-Performance Chiropractic | Hamilton, NZDr Michael Hooker | Health-Performance Chiropractic | Hamilton, NZ

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What's the best way to choose a chiropractor in Hamilton East, Rototuna and Morrinsville? You're doing it! Spend some time here exploring our chiropractic philosophy and our patient-centric procedures.

Objective at Health-Performance Chiropractic

Our objective at Health-Performance Chiropractic is simple – to help and support you in achieve your health and performance goals. We recognise that health is more than just feeling good. We work with you, in an aim to ‘strengthen your body’, ‘nourish your mind’ so that you can ‘thrive rather than survive’.

The Key Philosophy at Health-Performance Chiropractic

The key philosophy that we adhere to in practice is that given the right environment: physical, emotional and chemical, the body is able to optimally adapt to the stresses of the environment it is in. It is a chiropractors role to remove any functional interference to the body's ability to adapt positively and identify areas of the persons environment that is causing the body to operate below its potential.

We Would Love to Help You

After your tour of our website designed for Hamilton East, Rototuna and Morrinsville-area residents searching for a chiropractor, give me a call. I'd love to meet you and explain our unique approach to today's chiropractic.

About Dr. Michael Hooker

I Was Blindsided in RugbyDr Michael Hooker | Health-Performance Chiropractic | Hamilton, NZ
I was blindsided in a late tackle in rugby and awoke the next morning unable to raise my arms without immense effort and my shoulders and arms were painful as was between my shoulder blades. I met a chiropractic friend of mine that morning over the development of a health and performance centre and he said he would have a look at it no promises. After xrays and an adjustment I was pain free and had full function of my arms again so much so that I was able to paint the ceiling of my fitness centre that afternoon.

Chiropractic Approach to Health

From this experience I sat and chatted with my friend about chiropractic and the chiropractic approach to health and performance. He explained that chiropractic worked to eliminate the interference to the body's ability to heal itself and talked of the innate ability of the body to signal to us what we require to heal ourselves, often ignored by our conscious brain. What he explained fitted like a lock and key with my teachings in the exercise sciences and it was this feeling of perfect fit that started my journey into the holistic/biological approach to human health and performance.

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