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Madhu Bhana Fakir


Registered Osteopath & Naturopath

ACC Registered

22 Onepoto Road
 | Hauraki | Auckland | NZ

tel. 09-488-0888 | txt. 021-0279-7878

[email protected]

Madhu's background

“I was born & raised in Kenya, East Africa, completed my schooling in the UK, prior to emigrating to New Zealand to study Social Sciences at the University of Auckland.  Once I had gained my BA I then trained as a Naturopath at SPCNT -South Pacific College of Natural Therapies, where I would later return as a lecturer.  I went on to qualify as an Osteopath at the NZ College of Osteopathy.”

Madhu’s Holistic view of Health

We are a complex amalgamation of mind, body & emotions…

I treat the whole person:  bodywork & nutrition on the physical level, whilst addressing the emotional issues that may hold us back & contribute to poor health.

Ultimately each of us is made-up of what we think, what

we feel & what we eat…

My treatment methods bring balance, alignment & healing to the whole person.

Madhu has been successfully treating patients from all walks of life for over

20 years.  

Call for an appointment.

Referrals are not necessary, but are typically made by:

» Obstetricians

» General Practitioners

» Midwives

» Pain Clinics

» Massage Therapists

» Complementary Medicine Practitioners

» Pharmacists

» Dentists & Oral Surgeons



Who should see Madhu?

Since 1991 I have developed specialist skills in working with: newborn babies, children & mothers. I also work extensively with people involved in major life change, addressing old injuries & those held back by emotional pain.

Effective treatment is available for conditions arising from:

Pregnancy, menstrual & menopausal conditions

Neurological disorders

Mental & emotional growth

Chronic injuries

Pre & post surgery

Infant & childhood development

Allergies & food intolerances


Indigo Health Solutions
Madhu Bhana Fakir
22 Onepoto Road
North Shore City 0622

Phone: 09 558 3085
Mobile: 021 02797878

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