Jason Jackson | Harmony in Hand, Auckland


Jason is a registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist.

Jason first opened his clinic in 1998. After teaching foundation and Postgraduate training in 6 countries other the last 12 years. Now Jason is using his vast experience in his own clinic - Harmony in Hand in Auckland.


Jason has been emphatically listening to his client's stories of feeling unsafe, of pain and suffering for 30 years. Supporting all ages from prenatal mothers to the elderly. Supporting the health within all of us.


The power of having our undigested stories heard at the deepest level of listening allows a new story to be told. Physically and emotionally. This is Biodynamic Craniosacral!


Sometimes we find it hard to recover from an accident or a loss of a loved One, a job or a family break up. A baby's journey through their birth. Craniosacral will support your natural ability to find balance, stillness, health . .

Feeling safe and embodied is the most powerful way to heal.

Jason Jackson | Harmony in Hand, Auckland
Jason Charles Jackson
9 Cotswold Lane
Mt Wellington
Auckland 1060

Phone: 021 526 277
Mobile: 021 526 277
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