Judy Osborne, Emmett Technique and Bowen Therapy, Hamilton, NZ.



After 45 years of working as a nurse within the occupational health and safety field, my lifelong passion has been to assist people with their pain, discomfort or decreased mobility to ensure a successful return to health and improved quality of life.

The quality of your lifestyle and activity is my motivation. Specifically, I find great reward in helping you enjoy a pain-free life and experience a new level of well-being and self-empowerment with your everyday health.

Having a wealth of experience across multiple disciplines enables my clients to benefit from a whole person approach to both their healing and long-term health. Specifically, Bowen Therapy and the incredible Emmett Technique is particularly popular and facilitates a professional and personalised approach to modern-day healing.

Other professional training includes Ergonomics which fits the person to their work instead of the old approach of making the worker fit the work. As a student of life, I believe we are either green and growing or ripe and rotting. Personally, I’ve continued to expand upon my experience within the healthcare industry and skillset to become a student of the McLoughlin Scar Release Technique.

This is an amazing advancement in the treatment of scar tissue and provides another valuable healing avenue to change people’s lives.


You can contact me on:

-Mobile:  021 118 7281

-Landline: (07) 843 3480

-Email:  [email protected]

I can be flexible with both appointments and accommodate the financial needs of clients; where this can be validated.


-Registered Nurse – 1967

-Diploma Occupational Health -1992

-Bowen Therapist - 2000

-Emmett Technique - 2005

-Cerificate in Drug and Alcohol Studies 2007

Judy Osborne, Emmett Technique and Bowen Therapy, Hamilton, NZ.
Judy Osborne
96 Fitzroy Avenue
Hamilton City 3206

Phone: 07 843 3480
Mobile: 021 118 7281
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