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Our team of skilled therapists are here to help you overcome everyday muscular tension, pains, aches or sports injuries. Whether you’re looking for more energy, freedom of movement or better posture to go about your daily activities .. we can help!

Today, more than ever, our physical bodies are calling out for more balance and maintenance so that you can enjoy and live life on your terms.

Free up all that unwanted muscular tension and treat yourself to a remedial massage today.

Getting the right massage..

Getting the right massage is important and below I have outlined for you just some of the different techniques that I specialise in.

Relaxation Massage: A gentle massage with medium pressure, usually slow flowing effleurage and kneading strokes to encourage the parasympathetic nervous system, improves lymphatic and blood circulation, and encourages relaxation of the mind and body. Great for stress relief

Therapeutic Massage: Treatment focus using deeper pressure to allow muscle pain to ease and encourage circulation and blood flow which in turns give nutrients and oxygen to soft tissue and improves range of movement.

Remedial Massage: Specific massage techniques to treat the dysfunction of soft tissue, either from Sports injury, repetitive overuse in faulty pain patterns from work or sedentary lifestyle. Information is Gathered to help find the cause and treat the symptom.

Neuromuscular Therapy: Specific approach to restore the structural, functional and postural integrity of the body which treats the problems of pain patterns that form . Pressure techniques allow the soft tissue to be restored so Spasms, contractions, tensions, adhesions and Trigger Points normalise. Function to the body is improved, with a positive feedback on the musculo-skeletal system and consequently improve the psychology of the client, making them feel better about themselves.

Myofascial Release Therapy: This technique works with superficial to deep fascia and myofascial is the fascia that encapsulates the muscle tissue.

Our fascia plays a critical role in communication, protection and has an impact when there has been scar tissue stored in its fascial web.

Great for helping  chronic pain sufferers and also acute soft tissue.
Sarndra is certified in Eldoa 1 and 2 and Myofascial Stretching taught by the founder Guy Voyer French Osteopath
We are led to believe we can stretch a muscle, but this is impossible when the muscle is encapsulated by fascia that perhaps is dehydrated leathery and formed scar tissue.

Myofascial stretching is taught to YOU to help create a better postural gravity line, along with ELDOA Method
What Is the ELDOA Method?

The ELDOA method is an innovative form of exercise developed by world-renowned osteopath Dr. Guy Voyer. ELDOA exercises consist of a series of specific postures aimed at relieving pressure and increasing blood flow around particular joints or spinal segments. This technique is a highly effective way to reduce pain, increase circulation, and improve posture, balance, and spine health.
What are the Benefits?

  • Alleviate and Prevent Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain
  • Stretch Specific Muscles to Balance your Body
  • Realign your Spine for Better Posture and Gravity Line
  • Decompress the Discs in your Spine
  • Optimize Recovery from Sports and Training


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Maintain Massage Therapy - Auckland
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