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Biomagnetism facilitates healing by balancing energy via body's magnetic fields, eradicating pathogenic microorganisms by prompting proper immune response
thus reestablishing physical health.

Biomagnetism therapy is an integrative therapy whose aim is to work cooperatively with other techniques and treatments towards the common goal of improving client health and overall quality of life.

Hanne Haivalainen is a versatile health professional trained in medical biomagnetism by Dr Isaac Goiz Duran and Dr David Goiz, discoverer of the biomagnetic pair and his son. She has been certified to provide biomagnetism ( level 1) and bioenergetic therapy ( level 2) by the Biomagnetism Research Institute ( BRI ) and Autonomous University of Antonio Narro ( UAAAN)  since 2014.

She has also trained with Dr Miguel Ojeda from the University of Chapingo in Microbioenergetics in 2016.

Her passion for helping others together with continuous personal development allows her to always offer her clients the best tools available to help them improve their health and quality of life.

In her holistic approach, she is able to incorporate other modalities such as NLP ( neurolinguistic programming) , coaching, Reiki and Dr Bach’s Essences to help with the psychoemotional causes of health concerns.

Contact us to find out how Goiz biomagnetic pair technique may help you!

Painless,  no pills, shots or needles
No side effects & fast results*
Compliments your conventional medical treatment
Completely natural and non-invasive

* In 1 out of 10 cases, persons who are scanned using the Biomagnetic Pair technique might exhibit a mild form of healing crisis within 24 to 48 hours after the scan. These usually consist of mild symptoms related to detoxification including, polyuria (an increased urge to urine), low-grade fever (a slight increase in body temperature not surpassing the 99.5oF), diaphoresis (sweating), asthenia and adynamia (weakness).




Medical Biomagnetism NZ
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