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Oasis Body Therapy is located in Mt Eden on Auckland's Dominion Rd, offering unique therapeutic & relaxing massage treatments.

Our Philosophy at Oasis, is that high quality Natural Therapies & bodywork should be an affordable, regular part of your lifestyle-not a "Now & Then" luxury activity.We offer wonderful “Hands On” treatments from our skilled therapists as well as some very effective and relaxing massage & pain management services including:

Vibrational Therapy
Massage - Hands on with a Therapist
Far Infrared (FIR) Thermal Massage Tables

At Oasis we also have a wonderful team of specialist practitioners who provide a range of treatments that are complimentary to FIR Massage Therapy, & we can assist you with a wide range of issues. They are all highly skilled, (many in multiple forms of treatment) & have enormous experience as Health Professionals. Services currently available through the Oasis clinic are:

Energy Healing

Trauma release & recovery


Craniosacral Therapy

           Click Here for more information about the practitioners & treatments currently available through the Oasis clinic.

We recognise that there are often many different options available for treating a particular issue & also that as an individual you need to be able to choose the therapy & practitioner that you are most comfortable with. Please feel free to call us on Ph:300-7275 if you would like to discuss any particular condition & for assistance in choosing the best modality & practitioner for you or simply click on the enquiry link above.

At Oasis clinic we offer

High Quality Massage

Affordable Rates - from only $30 for a 40 minute massage!

Convenient Location

Plenty of FREE parking-right outside

Friendly Staff

Option of Fully clothed treatments

Flexible appointment times

Pain Management

At Oasis, we are well aware that - since you are here looking at this, you are probably one of many who are suffering every day from aches, pain & compromised mobility.

When you come to Oasis for your Therapy of choice - we are looking for positive results that will improve your quality of life!

(A very nice side benefit, is that all of our therapies are deeply relaxing & stress relieving.)

We offer high quality therapy at affordable prices - massage that will enhance your well-being & daily enjoyment of life. Our clients commonly report a “blissed out” feeling, & that they leave feeling relaxed with a healthy inner-glow and great energy levels-ready to face life!

"I have been going to Oasis for regular weekly treatments over the past four months. I can honestly say it is the best massage I have ever had (even without hands).

I have so much more energy, feel more chilled out and have even lost a bit of weight. I look forward to going for my regular treatments not only because of its health benefits but 40 minutes of total relaxation is pretty hard to find these days at a reasonable and an affordable cost. Thanks Andrew." - Margaret

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Far Infrared thermal massage (FIR)

These wonderful massage tables incorporate high quality massage, Acupressure and Moxibustion (detoxification) with warm jade rollers & radiant Far Infrared light.

You will get a wonderful massage while the FIR light gently stimulating your circulation and easing your aches and pains.

Far Infrared light therapy-as well as feeling wonderful, improves Qi energy which will stimulate your metabolic rate and increase oxygen flow throughout your body, with regular use potentially helping many kinds of chronic conditions & illnesses by improving your body's own natural healing powers, stimulating your immune system, and detoxifying your body.

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To book your next session call 09-300 7275 or simply click on the enquiry link above. Appointments available 10.00am to 7.00pm Monday to Friday and 10.00am to 4.00pm Saturdays.

Oasis Body Therapy
Peter Farrelly
8 Brixton Rd

Mt Eden
Auckland 1024

Phone: 09 3007275

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