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Uncover the breakthrough you have been searching for! New proven ways to master your mind and body to control fear, stress and anxiety – creating a future of success in your personal and business life, improving all relationships, and enjoying life more. Discover better health, lose weight without dieting, increase emotional resilience and/or enhance emotional wellbeing and create awareness – results guaranteed! Click HERE for your free discovery session with Linda.

My practice is focused around tapping into the power of your thinking to achieve the outcomes you want - in health and performance. Make this year your best year yet!

Shift Your Thinking:

You can let go of old limiting patterns and beliefs, changing your thinking and the negative self talk that keeps you 'stuck' so you feel happier, have more energy, experience work, family and relationships in more positive ways, and enjoy life more. A variety of techniques, strategies and tools are used. 

Finally Achieve Weight Loss:

You can learn how to lose the weight you've been holding onto for years without dieting and in the process increase your self esteem, gain new body confidence and regain energy and vitality. After years of being on the 'dieting treadmill' you can finally achieve the outcome you desire through a mind body approach which works.

Gain Emotional Wellbeing

Free yourself from the fear, stress and/or anxiety you experience which limits your ability to fully enjoy life. Emotional resilience is developed so you bounce back quickly from situations and events that normally would send you spinning... learn new ways of controlling your emotions and responding differently and as a result feel calm and relieved from stress. 

 About Linda  

 My name is Linda Wells and I’m passionate about coaching and mentoring people towards better outcomes and to ‘be at their best more often’.

As a health and performance coach my specialist role is to assist individuals to become more resourceful, to raise their emotional and mental fitness levels and to guide, encourage and support them in whatever they wish to achieve. We are held back only by the limits of our mind, at work and in our personal lives. By taking control of our thinking, and our feelings, we can harness the full power of our mind so anything is possible. My years of experience in leadership, business, and personal development have enriched the successful strategies used to help clients experience living life to its fullest. Happier and healthier outcomes are achieved with individuals reaching their potential and getting more of what they want.

Click HERE to read my professional bio

Linda is also a passionate and experienced keynote speaker….

She will both enlighten and educate.

She speaks on the issues surrounding leadership, business, wellbeing and health. Linda has an attitude of learning, curiosity and respect for the unique ways of being in the world. And her audience is able to quickly tap into the wealth of strategies, tools and techniques for discovering what constitutes ‘inside’ health and performance.

Increasingly we are experiencing a world full of unprecedented change. We need to look within ourselves and find our unique resources of thinking and feeling in order to thrive in all areas of life, personal and business. Now more than ever we need to be more mentally strong, more resilient, more emotionally robust, more resourceful and more responsible for our own wellbeing. We need to know how to learn from every situation, every person and every intuition.

Linda speaks to interest and business and groups, and presents at conferences and seminars. Contact Linda to see how she can add enlightenment to your members and attendees – she can personalise her content to suit any audience.

Linda is available to speak to groups, organisations and businesses….

She can deliver a keynote speech, speak to any conference, run workshops or facilitate seminars, any occasion which is based around people. She can tailor her knowledge and expertise to suit your audience whether they be interest groups, business owners, educators, salespeople, individuals, or anyone aiming to develop new ways of thinking and being.

If you, or your organisation, are looking for a quality keynote speaker then look no further.

“Linda is extremely inspirational. She has an amazing public speaking style which lights up the room. I want to absorb all the knowledge that she shares as it is so powerful and influential creating such a positive message to those receiving. Linda Wells, you are amazing!!!” - Kyly Coombes, Managing Director, AgResultz


Some of her speaking presentations are:

 “The Art of Self-Sabotage – Why do I undermine my own chance of succeeding with my goals?”
‘An engaging and absorbing look at the number one enemy of success!!  We may want to enhance our awareness, increase our emotional resilience, respond differently to stress, lose some weight and life's signpostbe healthier, we may want to have happier relationships, be less grumpy, or maybe we want to be more confident in what we’re doing. Yet no matter how hard we try or how diligently we apply ourselves to the task there is resistance and it’s frustrating!!! We’re adamant we want to change, to be cured, to be a different person yet there’s a definite resistance to making the necessary changes.
Find out what’s holding us back from getting what we want!!
An attendee at a recent seminar presented by Linda Wells said:

“The seminar was presented in a very supportive way with a wide variety of people attending, men and women, younger and older. The atmosphere in the room was relaxed and I noticed that people around me were very engaged in the content. We were all focused on what was being presented to us, no fidgeting or distractions evident. I enjoyed the way in which Linda brought in the practical activities and connected them into our wellbeing and the related health topic. I came away with a much better understanding of how we sabotage our own health goals and I have learnt some very useful techniques.” – Cathy Manktelow


 “Managing our Mind-set”
‘Our mind and the way we think influences everything we feel, do and say. We are immersed in unpredictability and complexity in our professional and personal lives and the challenges we face have become more demanding rather than less. We need skills and attitudes to create awareness and help us learn how to take control of what’s happening. It’s our ability to manage our thinking, our conflicts and our experience that will ultimately make the difference.

When we change our thinking – we change our life.’


 An absorbing and inspiring presentation which will shift your thinking to create better outcomes.


 Living on the Edge!
Stressed….Bored….or feeling a bit Trapped?

What happens when we try to get things done when our minds are full of worry and our bodies filled with stress?

Our performance, relationships and enjoyment all tend to suffer. By changing our response to stress, eliminating unnecessary worry and developing resilience, we’ll have more energy, be more relaxed, become more resilient, and our levels of happiness will increase.’

 An enlightening and motivating presentation which looks at ways we can respond more effectively .



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