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Let's plan the life journey you want and get you back on track...
By 'googling' your body (using Kinesiology techniques) I'll find the hidden obstacles to your success - and then we'll sort it!

Can you identify with these current scenarios?
  • Life just isn't 'doing it for me'... I'm often bloated, in pain, tired and, apparently, I'm 'bitchy'!
  • I have very little energy and I need MORE!!!
  • People are draining me
  • I want more fun, more passion & purpose, more money... (Actually - I just want to be happier!)
  • I'm looking for a 'different kind of coach', one that will actually help sort ME out, because I'm exhausted trying to do this on my own

Judith Paterson's mission: "To provide the opportunity for you to create the life you want. By considering a variety of  ‘travel approaches’ you can then make informed decisions about your own, unique, journey and you'll have the guidance you need." 

The 'coach with a different approach'! 

'Travel your journey' with me and you will remove the feelings of being burnt-out, bloated and ‘bitchy'.  The journey you take with me, during your consultations, will follow an exciting 'adventure’ allowing you to discover, and remove, the hidden obstacles to your success.

You will receive very clear answers and inner guidance from your cellular memory, to help you overcome any stumbling blocks, and this will rapidly effect positive change. This means you will be able to create greater balance in your life and, as you are the 'engine of your business' develop even more profitability. 

The real benefit for you is you will find the inner confidence to embrace life fully and you will achieve even more than you thought you could. You will finally understand the real reasons you may have been feeling ‘down’, depressed, disconnected, or dissatisfied, at times.

The skills you will develop will allow you the opportunity to breathe fully again, to regain the enthusiasm for what’s really important for you, increase your income and to understand that you really do matter!

I am.... Judith Paterson, kinesiologist, sports therapist, educator, and speaker. A fun loving, down to earth person who embraces life fully.

As a former teacher (who majored in science and PE), I'm passionate about education and know that applying correct knowledge can turn lives around.

I trained... both in New Zealand and the UK.

The best advice I ever got... Follow your heart, even if you're scared witless!  

My favourite affirmation... "I'm always in the right place, at the right time, successfully engaged in the right activity."

If you're wanting to make a change in your life, I recommend you start by asking yourself three questions….

  • Why is your current situation not pleasing you at the moment? 
  • Why do you want to turn your life around?
  • Why is now a good time to make a change?

So… are you ready to 'pick up your passport' and come on board? It's your choice as to how quickly we travel through the changes!                       

At Positive Life Balance we travel your journey, together!  No longer do you need to feel you have to travel solo.

If feeling burnt-out, bloated and bitchy isn't doing it for you anymore, now's the time to make the change! Others will notice the difference in your youthful appearance, your positive attitude and renewed energy levels.  

“Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans”
                                                                                                                      John Lennon




Judith bases her personal life, and business, on a solid foundation of integrity and excellence. This generates utmost respect from those in the medical profession, educationalists and clients.

"Hi Judith,
I had such an amazing day today and it's because of you! Thank you so much for such an amazing session, you are really bringing me back and reminding me of who I really am and where I'm going!
Thanks again and I can't wait for another inspiring session!"

“What a HUGE improvement there has been since I first saw you, just one month ago!

There really has been a complete turn around and I don’t even recognise the woman who rang you in desperation. How can just two appointments have made such changes?
My home life is so different. The family have changed in their attitude, and approach, towards me. Everything at work is flowing better, too. I’m achieving everything I set for the day, productivity is up and I don’t get overwhelmed any more… Now I don’t need to ‘steal’ time from my home life in order to complete everything.  

The wonderful thing is I’ve recognised my own changes. One big change is I’m not ‘picking at a scab’ with family issues anymore and life is just brilliant. I feel more self-assured and ‘in control’.  
What amazes me is that it was SO easy to make the changes!”

Julie - 39year old self-employed businesswoman

"The reason I love my Skype sessions with Judith is that I always feel a lot better after speaking to somebody who is really empathetic - but doesn't overdo the sympathy!
Judith steps me through really great coping techniques and her down-to-earth ideas are simple to implement. She allows me the opportunity to make changes at my own pace.

Having always been extremely motivated (and, I admit, probably an over-achiever), finding myself experiencing a situation that has slowed me right down at the moment has been somewhat daunting.

To have Judith’s advice at the end of the phone is wonderful.
I now realise that I really can get through this and I DO listen to Judith when she tells me to allow other people to help and NOT to try to do this all by myself.
Interestingly, being given Judith’s ‘professional permission’ to slow down has been a great help, particularly when I start to feel 'guilty' about not being the energetic person, at the moment, that I used to be. I know I will come out the end much stronger for this experience.

The 12,000 miles from the UK to NZ just disappear when we have our consultations!"  

Alison Joyce (UK)

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