I help people find peaceful solutions for their emotional rollercoaster so they can express their views and feel heard without feeling judged or labelled.
My mission is to help as many people as I can during my lifetime, in a way that significantly improves their lives.

Are you feeling unsupported, alone and uncomfortable about standing up for yourself or speaking your mind?

Are you frustrated you’re not doing what you want or not being heard?  And a stressful situation has added fuel to the fire?

Are you feeling embarrassed or ashamed that you haven’t been able to control your emotions and on top of that feel judged and labelled?  

What is it for you?

What is seen and judged are the angry outbursts. What is not seen, are these other emotions in the background. It is time to have those background parts of you understood and acknowledged. It is time to learn how to feel calm, peaceful and in control of your outbursts.

“Angry is just sad’s bodyguard.”  Liza Palmer

It’s time to take back your power and direction in life!

I am fiercely committed to guiding people who have a habit of angry outbursts to achieve peaceful solutions without feeling judged or labelled, so they can enjoy smoother relationships. Anger is a powerful emotion that is speaking for the feelings of powerlessness, frustration and shame. For feeling stuck, unsupported, alone. I have 6 years of experience working with amazing clients with similar worries and concerns and guiding them to achieve great success.

What is the cost for you to not make contact with me? You know it’s time to get a grip on these self-sabotaging behaviours and free yourself from these feelings that are not empowering.  This will help you become more productive, have more energy and be healthier!

“Behold the turtle: he only makes progress when he sticks his neck out.”   James Bryant Conant.

My path to become a coach started when working with my physiotherapy and acupuncture clients. I realised that often emotional ‘baggage’ was slowing down their ability to heal. I was trained to heal the physical, not as a counsellor for the emotional. I have worked in the health arena since I graduated as a physiotherapist all those years ago. Over 20 years ago I added acupuncture which started as a support for the physiotherapy but is now also a stand-alone modality I use. I often felt underequipped to handle anything that was emotional or psychological and it took my husband’s death and the coaching I got, to make the decision to train myself. Along the way I have picked up EFT or Meridian Tapping, Psych-K, Chakradance™ Heart circle work, and the Art of Feminine Presence. My approach is to also include the spiritual core essence of who we are and teach people how to tune into the inner wisdom that we all have, regardless of age.

I work with people one on one and in groups. Group work can be very powerful in a different way from one on one. I also take workshops or seminars, for organisations, mainly around stress management, communication and motivation. I run some workshops myself. These are: ‘Living Full spectrum,’ ‘Art of Feminine Presence’ and ‘Emotional Empowerment.’   

About the Coach                                  

Robyn has found techniques and tools that have worked both for her own life and for those of her clients when confronted with the ups and downs of emotional instability. Whether it is fear, doubts, anxiety or anger, we don’t have to stay stuck afraid to believe in ourselves. Robyn was brought up in a society that believed young girls should not be heard and that strong emotion should not be expressed. She was in her fifties before an incident showed her that not everyone was brought up with the same beliefs, and that maybe she could change the beliefs that were limiting her in all sorts of ways. She feels very strongly that too many people are restricted by their Emotional Rollercoaster so she has developed a programme called “Emotional Empowerment Formula – 7 Steps to Living your Dream.”

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