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Based at Mairangi Bay in Auckland, I offer you Chiropractic, Sports Injury Care, Bio-Mechanical and Gait Analysis, Functional Orthotic Therapy and Wellness advice. Assessing you from your feet to your head, I combine my 20+ years of clinical and professional educational skills to offer a clinical service that will find the cause rather than just treat your pain, with a focus on subluxations within the spine and nervous system as the source of most health challenges.

Do You Have Biomechanical
Health Concerns?

Do you have pain in . . . . .

your big toe joint or bunions?

the ball of your foot?

the arch of your foot?

your heel / heel cord?

your knee cap or other part of your knee?

your hip or groin?

your low back or other part of your spine?

Do you have concerns about your posture?

Do you have an abnormal walking gait?

Do you have chronic sports injuries?

Do your shoes wear out un-evenly?

Do your trousers need to be altered differently for length in each leg seam?

Dr. Cherye Roche

In her 20+ years of practice, Dr. Cherye Roche has been in continuous private practice resolving pain and creating wellness for people from all walks of life. She is an international lecturer on the topics of clinical biomechanics, chronic pain syndromes, and functional orthotic therapy. She has also served the Chiropractic profession as a professor / lecturer at various institutions in America, Great Britain, and now in New Zealand.

Her academic / professional achievements include:

Doctor of Chiropractic (USA) New Zealand Chiropractic Sports Council Member

*FCC (Fellow - College of Chiropractors - UK) *A.T.,C. (Certified Athletic Trainer - USA)

B.A. Exercise Physiology (USA) LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist - USA)

*FEAC (Ortho) Fellow - European Academy of Chiropractic - Orthopaedics

In her own words, Dr. Roche says... "As a Doctor of Chiropractic my goal is to identify the underlying, biomechanical, neurological or physiologic causes of a patient's condition, so as to help them resolve their condition, restore their normal function, enhance their performance, and help their body to express its optimal innate vitality!"

Dr. Roche's clinical focus is on biomechanical assessments and gait analysis using the GaitScan system to provide custom functional orthotics to address the underlying cause of joint and muscle problems.

Call today for an appointment to see Dr. Roche and get moving again!

Registered member of:
New Zealand Chiropractic Board
The Gait Doctor
Dr Cherye Roche
59 Hastings Road
Mairangi Bay
North Shore City 0630

Phone: (09) 889 2880

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