Vartamana is a Sanskrit word meaning: Being in the Present or the Present Moment.
It also means Turning, Moving, Existing, Abiding and Living

 Vartamana Retreat offers a unique healing experience.  Located in the stunning Waitakere Ranges, we offer accommodation, healing therapies, spa, sauna and much more.  All in a peaceful and welcoming environment, assisting you to restore balance, and uplift mind, body and spirit.  Vartamana is available for private retreat; healing workshops; seminars & trainings; movement, meditative and spiritual practices.

You can book your own personally tailored retreat for yourself, your group of friends or business colleague

If you are involved in any healing therapy or spiritual practice or study, you can hire the venue for trainings, gatherings and meetings.


You may be in need of 'time out' from the challenges you face in life and simply want to be pampered and be able to relax deeply in the beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

 Whichever is your particular need, you can select from a range of private healing treatments, make use of the various facilities and resources - saltwater heated pool, spa and sauna; take a bush or beach walk, or discover the bliss and freedom to move express, dance or meditate with others in the beautiful big (8x9m) 'Shubha' Room.



 Vartamana began operating in January 2010. It had been a vision of mine (Dianne) for several years to provide a resource for those interested in alternative healing and a more connected, mindful life. The focus is on releasing old limiting habits; learning to cope better with the stress we experience and becoming, and being, more at ease and happy in ones life.

As a healing practitioner myself and with the resources of this beautiful environment so available, I have brought together a team of therapists and practitioners at the retreat centre, thereby enriching their own unique work, but more importantly, providing a range of treatments and experiences not generally found at other retreats.

I have spent the past 15 years studying and training in the healing arts.  The healing therapy I practice, which has evolved from Trager,  integrates mind and body, in essence, reminding the body of peace. Alongside this, I follow a path of practical spiritual philosophy which includes meditation and mindfulness practices, simply reflected with these words:

A quiet mind is all you need.  All else will happen rightly, once your mind is quiet.

I have also studied academically, gaining a BA in Anthropology with the particular focus of healing systems, such as Chinese Traditional Medicine and Ayurveda.

I am supported at the Retreat by my husband, Mark, who is my business mentor, retreat handyman and IT genius.

All therapists and healers whose services and care you could be receiving are fully qualified in their particular field.  I can guarantee from my own personal experience over the years that their work is of the highest standard. 

If you do not feel completely satisfied, we welcome you back to find out what we can do better and offer you a complementary treatment.

Vartamana Retreat offers healing spaces, resources, practitioners and accommodation in a peaceful and welcoming environment where a deep level of care and acceptance is our promise to you.



Dianne Rassie
1119 Scenic Drive
Waitakere City 0614

Phone: 09 833 4545
Mobile: 021 2587 553

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