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What Is Acupuncture?
Acupuncture is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that is dated back over 3000 years.
Its purpose is to treat your condition looking at you and your lifestyle as a whole to gain a unique picture of your body’s patterns and energies.
From here an individualized treatment is developed to restore balance and encourage your body’s own healing processes.
Herein lies the benefit of TCM – every person is different and no two people with similar conditions will necessarily be treated the same.

How Does It Work?
TCM views the body as a series of interconnecting channels or ‘meridians’ that carry our Qi (best likened to ‘energy’) and information to all areas of the body and mind.
Dis-ease may be a blockage or imbalance of this energy in a particular area.
Very fine needles at particular acupoints can restore the natural flow and initiate the body’s responses.

Rigorous scientific studies on acupuncture have shown that it stimulates nerve fibres, signaling activation of the spinal cord and central nervous system. This in turn sends out a variety of neurotransmitters.

In short acupuncture:

• enhances the immune system

• increases blood circulation

• releases natural anti-inflammatories

• relaxes muscle spasm

• increases production of endorphins and opioids – our bodies own painkilling and feel-good chemicals

• regulates body functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, hormone release, fluid metabolism and nerve transmission

Acupuncture is recommended by the World Health Organisation.

I also use techniques such as moxabustion, cupping, massage, herbal medicine and dietary advice if appropriate for your condition. 

Fertility healthcare is core to Ascent Acupuncture, from puberty to menopause, and specifically for couples when thinking about conceiving.
Acupuncture and TCM have been shown to have positive benefits to men’s and women’s fertility health, whether trying to conceive naturally or using Assisted Reproductive Technologies.
It can address specific fertility problems such as PCOS, endometriosis, recurrent miscarriage and sperm disorders.
Ideally the basis of TCM is to strengthen your body for 2-3 cycles or more before conceiving for optimum pregnancy and baby health.

During pregnancy acupuncture is a safe, effective and drug-free approach to assist with conditions that can arise such as morning sickness, back and hip pain, sciatica, reflux, high blood pressure, anxiety and insomnia as well as breech/posterior positions for which acupuncture is highly effective.

Pre-birth Treatments
From week 36/37 acupuncture can be utilized for pre-birth treatments.
These strengthen and prepare the mother and her body for labour.
Midwives in Wellington report back to us that women who have these treatments require less medical intervention, and have more efficient active stages of labour.
Acupressure points used during labour are very successful aids for natural pain relief and other requirements.
I am happy to teach a women’s support people these techniques.

After the birth physical and emotional symptoms may be compounded due to the birth and huge changes in the couple’s life.
At this time acupuncture can address the acute physical issues, assist with breast health for breastfeeding, strengthen the mother’s energy and assist in the emotional transition of being a parent.
Mild to severe postnatal depression is common and very valid. Along with acupuncture it is important you talk to someone such as your GP or Maternal Health Services.

I regularly do talks at antenatal groups on how TCM, acupuncture and acupressure can assist at this wonderful time. If your group is interested in this service, please contact me.

I am a member of FACT – Fertility and Acupuncture Childbirth Team.
We are a group of Wellington acupuncturists who have a special interest in both public awareness and personal on-going education of TCM and acupuncture’s role in fertility and pregnancy healthcare.

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture
This ancient Chinese technique is now being utilized world wide as a non-surgical and safe alternative to deliver a fresh faced radiance whilst diminishing the signs of aging.
More importantly the treatment addresses the underlying causes of aging.

It involves inserting extremely fine cosmetic needles in key facial areas.
It is combined with a circulatory body and face acupressure massage and uses luxurious Organic Rosehip skincare.

How does it work?
By encouraging blood and energy flow, acupuncture stimulates facial nerves and muscle fibres, increases fluid metabolism and drainage, balances hormonal disturbances and regulates the body’s innate healing processes.
Over time, this brings a toned face and glowing healthy complexion.

What results can I expect?
You will notice improvements after one treatment, while most benefits accumulate after a series of treatments. These are:
• rehydrate and even skin tone
• softening of fine lines and deeper wrinkles
• improve muscle tone and jaw line definition
• tighten pores
• decrease eye puffiness and dark circles
• lift droopy eyelids
• remove excess fluid
• reduction or elimination of rosacea and acne
• bring a “glow” to the face and sparkle to the eyes

Most people notice internal benefits of:
• improved hormonal balance
• increased energy
• improved digestion
• better sleep
• decrease in headaches, migraines and sinus problems

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