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What can I expect from a Naturopathic appointment?

Before you come you will be asked to complete a Pre-appointment form, this helps provide information about your health, and gives you an opportunity to tell Jaine about the health problems that are most concerning you, and about any other health problems, and about the sorts of food and drinks you have.

This Pre-apointment information helps make the best use of your appointment time.

You will also be able to discuss these  and more during your appointment.

You will be asked detailed questions about your current illness, past medical history, eating habits and lifestyle. Stress levels also are taken into account. 

Your very unique health needs will be assessed so that you will feel healthier stronger and fitter as soon as possible.

Naturopaths use various ways to assess your health such as Iridology, nail, hair and tongue analysis, allergy testing, laboratory tests, and metabolic typing tests.

Iridology (short reading), nail, and tongue analysis are normally included in the first apointment

Then you will be given information about changes you will need to make to improve your health.  The changes are may focus on what you eat and drink, lifestyle changes such as relaxation, exercise you will also get recommendations for Dietary supplements if needed and Herbal medicines and skin creams if needed.

Recommendations will also be given for further tests if these are needed.

All changes are prioitorised so you will find out what is most important for you to focus on right now.

Your budget will also be considered in recommendations so that an "ideal recomendations" may be tailored to fit your finanicial situation. Worry about money can add to stress which impairs health which is why the "ideal recommendations" may be reduced so a comfortable stress free road to health is achieved; the road may be longer however if it is do-able you will get there!

What do these tests reveal about your health?


Iridology is a way of analysing the body by looking at the iris. Although it can be helpful in leading to a diagnosis, it is not possible to diagnose a disease purely from an iridology examination. However it will indicate weak areas of the body; which may need further assessment. In a similar way to reflexology, where the sole of the foot is reflects the body; the iris is like a map of the body. Fibres on the iris indicate weaknesses in different parts of the body. The right eye reflects the right side of the body, the left eye the left side.READ MORE>>>>


Nail Health

Have a look at your nails, what are they trying to tell you about your health and nutrients you may need? Are you thinking if only I stop biting them I could do this?
Biting nails can indicate a deficiency of magnesium and B vitamins, as these are nutrients needed when stressed or tense. Eat more green leafy vegetables and avoid all processed (white) flour, instead eat wholemeal or wholegrain flour products. White spots on the nails can have a few possible causes; they can be caused by a lack of calcium, zinc, silica or by heavy blows to your nails, watch that hammer! Nails that peel back in layers or have horizontal ridges show you may be low in calcium phosphate. Calcium phosphate is found in nuts seeds and seafood as well as dairy products.  READ MORE>>>>

Tongue Analysis

The tongue can reveal a great deal about your health. You can read here about how the tongue can show possible lack of essential mineral salts. But remember if using supplements these salts must be taken in low doses according to your individual needs.

So stick out your tongue and begin. Is it coated? A white coating can indicate a potassium chloride deficiency. Digestion can be under active, and nutrients may be poorly absorbed, so the body isn getting the best out of the food.

A creamy coating suggests over acidity, due both an unsuitable diet and stress. Sodium phosphate will help to redress this imbalance, as will relaxation. You may need to make changes in your diet to foods that suit you better. Definitely stop excess sugar and try including lentils, beans and dates.READ MORE >>>>

Bay Naturopath Treatments

Bay Naturopath | Homeopathy

Homeopathy is based on the principle of like cures like and was discovered by Samuel Hannaman over 200 years ago.

Homoeopathic remedies contain minute amounts of particular substances, which if taken in large amounts would cause the same symptoms, which by homoeopathy they can cure. For example the Arnica plant is highly toxic, if it is eaten it causes severe damage to the blood vessels, but taken in a h omoeopathic way (in amounts so diluted that chemists can find no trace of arnica in the remedy), it cures or prevents bruising.

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Bach Flower Remedies
Bay Naturopath | Bach Flower Remedies

The 38 remedies discovered in the 1930's by Dr Bach are made from flowering plants and trees.

Dr Bachs remedies are not prescribed according to illnesses or physical conditions, but to your personality, mood and emotional outlook. They are used as a way of restoring peace of mind; this allows the body to fight illness (whether mental, emotional or physical) by strengthening the bodys resources. Bach Flower Remedies are safe to use with children or babies.

Your health improves as your emotional state becomes more positive.

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Herbal Medicine
Bay Naturopath | Herbal Medicine

The effectiveness of herbs has also been well documented over hundreds of years. Recent research into herbal medicine shows significant benefits. The cost of this research poses a problem, as there are limited funds to run such studies, so the amount of research is small in comparison to the research undertaken by the big pharmaceutical companies.

In modern day society the effectiveness of herbal medicine is being rediscovered by thousands of people. Much household use and knowledge of herbs had been lost. Now many people are reluctant to overly rely on synthetic drugs and are once again finding herbs help them the regain health and vitality.

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Naturopathic TreatmentBay Naturopath | Naturopathy

Naturopathic Medicine treatments treat the whole person rather than just the condition. This means that during a naturopathic consultation all aspects of your health will be considered rather than one illness or condition.

You will be asked detailed questions about your current illness, past medical history, eating habits and lifestyle. Stress levels and biomechanical factors are taken into account. Naturopaths use various ways to assess your health such as iridology, nail, hair and tongue analysis, allergy testing, laboratory tests, and metabolic typing tests.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Massage is a great technique to reduce muscular pain and stiffness in your body. It also helps to increase mobility in your joints. Massage is generally a relaxing treatment, as the tension is released in the muscles so tension is released mentally.

Deep tissue massage is a more rigorous form of massage used where you have a high degree of muscle spasm. Deep Tissue Massage is used when you need a long lasting benefit.

Massage improves the circulation of the blood throughout your body. This increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to all your cells including the muscles and joints. Better circulation can help to remove metabolic wastes such as lactic acid from your muscles. Massage will also increase blood supply to the nerves and brain this stimulates motor nerve points which helps to alleviate stress and tension.

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