Functional Lives

Working with you I do the following:


  1. Calm down the distress you are experiencing

  2. Clear out the causes of that distress

  3. Create a new reality for you free from that distress


‘What’s great about Emotional Freedom Techniques is that, unlike traditional talking therapies, you don’t have to go through the trauma of retelling what’s happened to be able to work on your problem - it helps a lot.’   Paul H.

In consultation with you, I pull on a range of modalities to individualise a package best suited to your needs, including:


  1.   Emotional Freedom Techniques

  2.   Guided meditation and visualisation

  3.   Reiki

  4.   Functional counselling

  5.   Active participant conversation

  6.   Humour - ‘Laughter is the best medicine.’

  7.   Coaching


  Limiting beliefs,
  Unhelpful Thinking patterns,
  Old stale habits,
  Underlying fears or desires.

Functional Lives
Maya Hammarsal
6a Mahina Road
Mahina Bay
Lower Hutt City 5013

Phone: +64 4 586 1066

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