Esoteric (inner-most) Healing:



Gentle, but powerful, hands-on healing, including: energetic facial release (gentle face massage to support you to release emotions that are held deeply in the face), stress release (gentle back massage, heart massage and inner eye massage), kidney massage, calf massage, shoulder blade massage, hormonal balancing and chakra (energy centre) balancing.

Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy:


Connective tissue protects and supports everything in the body. It is the body’s own ensheathing web.

 “Connective tissue is the denser matter in the body. It has a fibrous quality that extends throughout the body, like a river system of tissue that supports the organs, muscles, joints, nervous system, vascular system and lymphatic system.” (Kate Greenaway, physiotherapist)

'Esoteric' simply means 'inner-most'. Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is a deeply stilling form of manual therapy developed by Serge Benhayon of Universal Medicine in 1999. The experience of Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy is of an exquisitely gentle, deeply relaxing session. A pulse or flow of energy is activated in accordance with the client’s condition that encourages a deep stilling within the body, providing the opportunity for an amazingly profound state of rest. Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy works directly with the connective tissue in the most unimposing and gentle way imaginable and because it permeates the whole body, it allows all body systems to expand, become more spacious and thus work together more harmoniously. Areas of the body that don’t initially respond are easily located and the dialogue between client and practitioner helps clarify the issue and its underlying physical, emotional and daily lived factors.

Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy helps reconnect to the spaciousness in the body and the natural ease and freedom that most of us knew as children. The depth of stillness and connectedness that Esoteric Connective Therapy can engender is very profound and even life changing for some, as we don’t often get the opportunity to connect to ourselves and our physical body this deeply. The technique can be applied to suit the relevant way it can help the body restore its own true energetic flow. From there, it helps restore better function. 

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Gentle Exercise:


Joy-full, gentle exercise, with awareness, staying connected to the body and the gentle breath, including: stretching, strengthening and stability (balancing) exercises, gentle breath meditation and relaxation (coming into stillness). Group, individual, corporate and school sessions available.

Stress Management and Lifestyle Training:


  Presentations/discussion to support with sleep, nutrition, exercise, work/life balance and prevention and management of stress, including: communication techniques/expression, conflict resolution, dealing with emotions/negative thoughts/reactions, time management, meditation, gentle breath and relaxation. Individual, group, corporate and school sessions available.




Here are some of the comments I have received from my clients:


On Personal Training and Exercise Classes:


“My doctor said to me, when I had had a full medical examination, including an ECG: ‘Tell your personal trainer she is earning her money.’” (Peter) 

“My husband has really noticed a difference when we go out in the boat. My legs are much stronger and I can help him more.” (Deb) 

“My doctor was amazed at how strong I was, especially my legs, when I went back for my check-up following my stroke.” (Robin).


On Esoteric Healing and Connective Tissue Therapy: 

"What I loved about working with you is not only your commitment to excellence in your esoteric healing therapy, but also, your innate wisdom and ability to communicate so authentically and empathically and joyously with others!" (Linda D, psychologist)

“I feel taller, lighter and less tired.” (Kathleen) 


“My neck felt the most supported it has felt since my car accident many years ago.” (Claire) 

“I visited the place where  my parents’ ashes are after my session and I said to my mother ‘it is OK now’ – after seventy –odd years, I was finally able to let go blaming her for my childhood and my sister’s suicide.” And –“I’ve been resting more since I did this therapy, and eating less, and sleeping better”. “I feel more myself, more still, more connected.”(Jennifer) 


“Now I notice when I am not gentle with myself.” “My body fees much better- my neck, arms, shoulders and hips.” (Sue) 

“I feel so relaxed.” (Robin)

“I feel myself.”(Donna) 

“I feel ignited.”(Aimee) 

“It is as if there is more light inside me.” “It is such a nurturing thing.” (Alison)

"I feel as if my soul has been anointed." (Linda) 


Fees and Class Timetable

Esoteric Healing Sessions

Half an hour: $40

One hour: $70

Five one hour sessions (pre-paid): $300 

Five half-hour sessions (pre-paid): $175


Stress Management/Lifestyle Training 

As above, plus:

One and a half hours (1st session): $95


All enquiries and registration for classes : Phone: Anne Scott 022 1399 810 or email:








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