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Benefits of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy


  • Gentle safe touch.
  • Gentle for the youngest babies to the elderly.
  • No Manipulations
  • Client lead healing that lasts.
  • Benefits regularity reported by clients.
  • Improvements in other health and personal life.
  • A greater sense of safety
  • Taking back their own healing process
  • Sleeping better
  • More energy
  • Far less discomfort in their bodies
  • Feeling more relaxed and calm
  • An improvement in their immunity
  • A stronger sense of self
  • Improved body awareness and freer body movement
  • A reduction of the Fight and flight response less overwhelm For all ages

The big difference about BSCT Therapy is :


  • In the treatment Jason is listening to his clients health! and vitality. Not the disease!
  • This is a much more powerful approach for healing. Busting health.
  • More relaxing ,A feeling of safety giving back the clients power and control, self esteem.

Grief and Trauma


Grief is a very natural part of our recovery from traumatic event .For many of us grief can so overwhelming we can get stuck. The loss of a loved one, The separation from a partner, The loss of a job. Abuse Emotional, Physical, Physiological. To be able to grieve in a safe way and understanding and find peace and stillness.

Physical Emotional Trauma


The exiting thing about BSCT .

Acute injury's can be treated asap. The biggest thing that can slow healing and recovery of car accidents, concussions, sports surgery's is our survival response [Fight and flight and freeze] The over loading of our nerves systems.

BSCT can support to settle back to a balance and safety naturally. Reducing our mind and body’s attaching an emotional to the trauma and pain and a feeling of unsafely. These emotions can be very challenging and can slow the healing process.

BSCTallows the natural healing of tissues, bones and the communication systems of the mind and body.


We can hold the physical and emotional forces and traumas for many years sometimes all our lives. This can lead to chronic pain .This a survival response. This a feeling of lack of SAFETY!

BSCT can support reorganizing traumas and the physical and emotions that can hold us back in our lives. Increasing our feels of safety.



I came with my preschool boy as he woke up regularly at night time. It took one session with immediate result. Since then he has been sleeping through each and every night. I am feeling very grateful. 

I accepted the invitation to get healing sessions too as I struggled with life after a relationship breakup. I continuously, step by step, session by session gained back in life quality. More clarity, capacity, calmness, patience, forgiveness. Lots of goodness. A big bless.

I recommend Jason Jackson at Harmony in Hands to everybody as Craniosacral works very efficiently on a big scale and in a wide spectrum. Jason is highly skilled, works professionally and is very kind and gentle in his nature. 

Lucy, age 40


The Family


Jason is the father of 3 boys . Jason understands the importance of family bonding even in a world of a changing modern family. The challengers our children face , New schools , bullying and making friends. Children not sleeping, stressed. Family bonding. Jason has treated 4 generations of many family's.


Mum and Baby.


The birthing process maybe the most challenging thing we will ever do. For Mum and baby, It is the most natural thing to do.

Jason has had the pleasure of treating babies that as adults have brought their babies for treatments. It is amassing how the processing of our own births can empower the babies or child’s health self esteem .

It can be life changing for any age. 

Be safe 


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